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Alrø Købmandgaard - Bison Burgers

Enjoy a bison burger, some mouth watering tapas, or refreshing ice cream, with a scenic view of Horsens Fjord. At Alrø Købmandsgaard the bison meat is from own produce - and the ice cream is named after the bull Ferdinand. It's island-idyll at it's best - and super tasty!

The great taste of the countryside

The small island of Alrø is a true gem in the East Jutland Archipelago. Once, the Danish author Morten Korch lived here and found his inspiration to a lot of his works, in the idyllic surroundings.

As soon as you drive over the dam to the island, you’ll experience the slow pace of the island-life set in. Also, you’ll experience the big buffaloes, that grasses on the fields down to the coast. At Alrø Købmandsgaard you can even get to taste them! Try a juicy bison-burger, best enjoyed from the big terrace overlooking the fjord.

Cafe & ice parlor

Alrø Købmandsgaard houses a cafe, an ice cream parlor, and a shop - all at once.

In the cafe you'll find something for any taste. Besides burgers and tapas, the cafe also serves a veggie-burger and kid-friendly options. So please, bring the whole family!

for the grown ups, we recommend trying the Bison Wine and Beer with your meal. It'll perfectly compliment the savory taste of the dark meat. However, you can also choose between many other delicious beverages, such as draft beer, lighter wines, and a variety of cold drinks.

Is it time for afternoon tea? In the cafe you can get different kinds of coffee, tea, cocoa, as well as homemade baked goods. If you're merely in the mood for a sweet snack, try one of the old fashioned Danish traditional ice cream cones. They come in three sizes: Ferdinand (large), Josephine (medium), and Minimuh (small). Enjoy it all at the terrace, with the idyllic scenery of the fields and the fjord.

Du you want to make reservations? Book your table right now at Købmandsgaarden's webpage.

Delicacies and picnic to-go

Alrø Købmandsgaard’s shop offers a great selection of bread, delicacies, sausages, condiments, snacks and beverages, such as wine, beer, spirits and soft drinks. There is also a display of home décor items and souvenirs.

Pick your choices of delicacies and assemble the perfect picnic-basket. Then, find the perfect spot on the island to enjoy all of the delicious snacks.

Alrø Købmandsgaard's Bison farm

At Alrø Købmandsgaard they use bison meat from their own farm. The bison are living a great and strees-free life, which you’ll be able to taste.

Check out Købmandsgaardens website for more info about the bison farm.


During the year Alrø Købmandsgaard has a lot of events, such as BBQ-night, beer- and wine-tasting, Danish holiday celebrations, and more.

Stay updated on the events at the Købmandgaard’s online calender – or see their facebook page for the latest news.

Are you looking for the perfect venue for your party? Contact Alrø Købmandsgaard via mail to learn more.

Opening hours

On Alrø Købmandsgaards website you can see the current opening hours.

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