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Red tractor on Hjarnø

What to experience on Hjarnø

Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Hjarnø is Viking history, delicious taste experiences and beautiful countryside on foot, by bicycle, golf buggy or tractor!

Hjarnø up close


Experience the traces of the Viking at the Calf Stones

On the island’s southern beach you will find the Calf Stones, which is a protected area with 10 shipwrecks from the Viking Age. The ship-shaped tomb monuments are up to 8 metres long and formed by upright boulders. King Hjarne, who has given his name to the island, is said to be buried here!


Around the island for goods, by bicycle or in a tractor?

A hike across the island is a good 7 kilometres long, and many have over time fallen in love with the beautiful countryside. The island is best experienced on foot, by bicycle or on a guided tractor trip. You can also take your camera and go on a real guided photo safari.

Take a tour of Hjarnø in a golf buggy from Hjarnø Golf Buggy and Bicycle Hire
Photo: Hjarnø Golf Buggy and Bicycle Hire

Go around in a golf buggy?

You can also explore Hjarnø’s beautiful countryside and atmosphere behind the wheel of a small golf buggy? Both bicycles and golf buggies can be rented on an hourly or daily basis at Hjarnø Golf Cart and Bicycle Rental.

The farmshop at Vestergaards Mølleri
Photo: Vestergaards Mølleri

Vestergaard Mølleri

In this cosy farm shop on the island of Hjarnø you can buy organic flour from the farm’s own fields or meat from their own sheep. Here, you can rent a bicycle and explore the island – and if you are struck by the island atmosphere and want to stay a little longer, you can spend the night in the farm’s cosy cabin.


Find hiking routes on Hjarnø

Follow the coast on the south side of the island and experience the island’s beautiful countryside and wildlife. You can’t walk on the north side of the island as larger colonies of birds live here. Hjarnø is a protected Natura 2000 area. We have compiled accessible routes on a digital map - click and see.


See the Viking ship in Denmark’s second smallest church

Make your way past the small and cosy Hjarnø Church, which is Denmark’s second smallest church. The island’s Viking history is repeated here in the church, where you will find a beautiful Viking ship hanging from the church’s ceiling. The tradition of church ships in Danish churches dates back many hundreds of years, especially in churches connected to the sea, and on Hjarnø it is linked back to the island’s Viking history.

Go on a photo safari on Hjarnø in the East Jutland Archipelago - part of Destination Coastal Land
Photo: Anne Kjaer

Go on a photo safari

Bring your camera and go on a photo safari, where you can capture some of the island’s most beautiful subjects and colours (only in July and August). Photographer Anne Kjær guides you with tips and advice and helps you develop your photographic abilities.

Hjarnø Odde
Photo: Kystlandet

Hjarnø Odde

The swimming point at Hjarnø Odde is a nice little beach with a sandy bottom and a recreational area with a beach meadow. The beach is only accessible by foot by walking from the church across a small...

Visit the Lifestyle Continuation School on Hjarnø and see sculptures or burn off some energy on the school playground
Photo: Lifestyle Continuation School (Livsstilsefterskolen) on Hjarnø

See the sculptures or burn off some energy the Lifestyle Continuation School’s outdoor areas

Pop by the Hjarnø Lifestyle Continuation School when you visit the island. In the fine sculpture park you can enjoy your picnic in quiet surroundings, and on the surrounding ball fields the children can burn off some energy.