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Øen Endelave i Det Østjyske Øhav

The East Jutland archipelago

Photo: Sarah Green

Experience the wild rabbits on the Island of the Year, Endelave, and walk around Tunø with a treasure map. Listen to Viking tales on Hjarnø or explore Alrø where the Danish author Morten Korch gathered inspiration for his romantic countryside novels.

Experience the charming islands of the East Jutland archipelago. Here, your shoulders will drop as soon as you step of the boat.

With many islands and marinas scattered around a relatively small body of water, the East Jutland archipelago is a true sailor's paradise.

Luckily, all of the islands are connected to the mainland by ferry so everyone can visit. 

Freedom trough the ferry

From the harbour town Snaptun you can sail to Endelave, which has been awarded as the Island of the Year 2020/2021. Here you will come across hundreds of wild rabbits, and be able to join in on fun and active summer activities such as yoga, hiking trips, and crossfit.

Or sail to Hjarnø (also from the quay at Snaptun), which is only a 5-minute sail away, but still fully embodies the true island feel. From here, you can go on to Alrø via the bicycle ferry, a really romantic countryside island. 

Take a drive north to the town of Hou and board the ferry to car-free Tunø, where you will be met by a vibrant island community with a village, a school, a grocer's, amazing eateries, a treasure hunt and a traxi!

Sejlbåd i Tunø Havn

Sailing Holiday in East Jutland

Photo: Destination Kystlandet