Hiking routes around the lakes of Kystlandet

Photo: Frederik Maj

It is not only by the coast that you can walk by the water in the Coastal Land. Further inland, there are a large number of lakes of various sizes, which have optimal conditions for hiking. Many of the lakes have paths all the way down to the lake shore through varying landscapes. 

Explore the East Jutland lakes on foot

There is something strangely alluring about water for us humans. Whether it is the sea, lakes or a rippling stream, it can make us look, listen, think and relax. The Coastal Land, and especially the northern part from Horsens and up to the Søhøjlandet, is rich in lakes. And many of them are developed as recreational areas with trails and good facilities.

We guide you on walks by some of the area’s lakes - from the very small forest lakes to Jutland’s largest lake. All tours are round trips so you start and end at the same place. 

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Boats on Bygholm lake
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Around Bygholm Lake (7 km)

Bygholm Lake is one of the Horsens area’s most beloved excursion destinations. The route around the lake goes all the way down to the lake shore in the wooded area by Åbjerg Forest. Along the way you will come close to the well-kept graveyard Grønhøj and a campsite with shelters and a playground. There is parking in many places. Among other things, at the car park on Åbjergskovvej at the southwest corner of the lake. 

View over the wildlife reserve from the hills in Stensballe
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Around Nørrestrand (13 km)

The Nørrestrand wildlife reserve is beautifully situated on the northern outskirts of the town of Horsens. The large meadow area, which has a rich bird life, has fine trails in wooded terrain on the south side, while to the north you walk on idyllic winding country roads. There are stunning views in many places. Along the way you will pass wild horses and a large bird tower. There is parking in many places. For example, at the end of Flintebakken or Rønnevej in the south or in the car park by Nordre Strandvej in the west. 

Photo of Mos Lake seen from The Monastery Mill (Klostermølle)
Photo: Karen Heslinga

Around Mos Lake (28 km)

Mos Lake is Jutland’s largest lake, located in Søhøjlandet. The hike goes on the north side alternately on a charming country road with good views and trails. The trip here shares a course with the signposted Aarhus-Silkeborg Hiking Route. On the south side, you walk primarily on country roads. To the west is the historic Klostermølle and the large hill The Sugar Loaf (Sukkertoppen), which has a terrific view of the lake at more than 100 metres. Other highlights are the idyllic village of Boes and Vædebro Strand in the east.  Parking at the car park on Klostermøllevej. 

The jetty at Ring Lake
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Around Ring Lake (2.5 km)

At Brædstrup is this fine lake with a beach and jetty. There is a footpath around the lake that runs through the generally agricultural land, quite close to the shore of the lake. The trip can be combined with a round trip in Ring Forest, The Health Path (Hjertestien) in Brædstrup or a walk in the town centre that has a surprisingly good shopping facilities. Parking in the car park at Søkildevej. 

Water lilies on the water in Egebjerg Lake
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Egebjerg Lake (800 m)

This lake a little north of Horsens is unusually beautiful at the bottom of a valley by Hansted Forest. You can go on many different walks in the area. A small trip around the lake is quite short, but can be combined with a trip in Hansted Forest or along Lille Hansted River to Hansted. By the lake there is a nice shelter area and good opportunities to enjoy lunch in the open air. Parking in the car park all the way down to the lake on Skovvej. 

Family standing on the shore of Naldal Lake
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

The Vestbirk Lakes (10 km)

The Vestbirk Lakes, which are part of the Gudenåen river, are beautifully situated in Bakkelandet. At the three lakes Naldal Lake, Bredvad Lake and Vestbirk Lake there are no paths all the way down to the water, but we recommend a walk around the area with lots of beautiful nature and stunning views in many places. The area also includes the Uncovered Bridge, which is among the most popular nature attractions in Denmark. Naldal Lake is a swimming lake, and here you can take a dip on the trip. On our map below, the trip is called The Uncovered Bridge Route. Parking at The Uncovered Bridge on Vestbirkvej.

Rørbæk Lake
Photo: Destination Trekantområdet

Rørbæk Lake (14 km)

Rørbæk Lake is located in beautiful wooded terrain with protected nature. The lake is not far from the source of the Gudenå river, and we recommend this tour between the sources of the Gudenå and Rørbæk along the south side of the lake. Parking at the source of the Gudenå river on Vandskellet or at Nature Centre Koutrupgaard on Koutrupvej.  


Around Drossel Marsh (1.7 km)

Northwest of Odder, near Torrlid, is this small lake, well hidden in Nørre Forest. There are several walks in Nørre Forest, but the short route around the lake is less than two kilometres long and is on well-maintained forest roads. In the forest you will find both the highest point and the highest tree in Odder Municipality. Parking on the side of the road on Nørreskovvej. 

View over the Hedensted Lakes on a sunny day
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

The Hedensted Lakes (ca 4 km)

The Hedensted Lakes are a new recreational area on the western edge of Hedensted town consisting of seven smaller lakes. There are trails and footpaths around the lakes that make it possible to get around each lake. There is a toilet building, packed lunch site, disc golf course, and a campfire hut with shelters in the area. Follow the signs to the Hedensted Lakes from Årupvej. Along the gravel road there are signs for parking. 

Torsted Meadow Lake (Engsø) in Horsens
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Around Torsted Meadow Lake (Engsø) (1 km)

You will find another new recreational area south of Bygholm Lake by Torsted Meadow Lake (Engsø). In the large fenced area there are footpaths that lead around the lake. There are also a number of grazing sheep in the area, which is characterised by meadows and pastures. Parking at the corner between Vågøvej and Sandøvej. There is also access to the enclosure from Sverigesvej opposite the allotment garden area.