Vandrerute ved Bygholm Sø

Hiking routes in East Jutland

Photo: Aleksander Mogensen/Overblik

Kystlandets varied countryside and good infrastructure is an excellent setting for hiking routes for all tastes. No matter what type of route you want, how far you want to go and who you are going with, Kystlandet has routes to suit all.

A hiking route is not just a hiking route

The Coastal Land as a hiking area is characterised by variety and opportunities. There is something for everyone here. However, it can be a bit of a jungle to find your way around the great variety of hiking routes.

We guide you to hiking routes in the eastern part of Jutland, which are tailored to you and your needs

Who is going on the trip?

Hiking with kids

Bring the kids on the trail

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Woman walking with dog on a lead in a forest

Hiking with the dog

Walking with your dog in Kystlandet

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Hiking in Sondrup Hills


From A to B to A again

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Our top 10

Path at Husodde
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The Fjordmino (59 km)

The waymarked hiking route that goes all the way around Horsens Fjord offers a versatile hiking experience with varied nature types and island hopping on the islands in the fjord, Hjarnø and Alrø. From urban panorama trails to hilly forests, meadow, idyllic rural field paths, islands, small port towns, and ample cultural history. The roundtrip can be started at many different locations but it makes sense to start and end in the city of Horsens and do the hike over a few days/stages. There are several loops connected to the main route that leads you through exciting nature areas. 

Sign by the beach on the Snaptun-Juelsminde Coastal Path
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The Snaptun-Juelsminde Coastal Path (22 km)

Experience the entire coastline of the Juelsminde Peninsula out to the Kattegat on this popular route, which is among the most varied and exciting coastal routes in Denmark. Forest, beach, agriculture, manor houses, meadows and cosy harbour towns are on the menu on the trip to the resort town of Juelsminde. Take the trip in one go or select a part of the route. There are many parking options and bus connections along the entire route. Parking by the harbour in Snaptun

The Landscape at The Sugar Loaf
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The Gudenå path Voervadsbro-Emborg (17 km)

Beautiful route along the river Gudenå through the breathtaking countryside in the southern part of the Søhøjlandet. The tour takes you over one of Denmark’s most beautiful viewpoints, The Sugar Loaf (Sukkertoppen), and to the historic excursion place The Monastery Mill (Klostermølle) on the shores of Jutland’s largest lake, Mos Lake. Parking opposite Voervadsbro Tent Site on Ådalen or in the car park on Vilholtvej


The Gudenå path - from the big watershed to Uldum Marsh (20 km)

From the big watershed, where the Gudenå and Skjernå originate in Tinnet Krat, you can follow this route through beautiful countryside along the Gudenå river. The landscape in the Gudenå valley is unique with a, dear, scrub and oak forest. The trip ends in Denmark’s largest marsh area, Uldum Marsh. Parking at the source of the Gudenå river on the street Vandskellet or at the shelters in Uldum Marsh by Kærvejen

Waterfun at The Uncovered Bridge
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The Horsens-Silkeborg Nature Trail (61 km)

One of Denmark’s best routes for long-distance hiking can be found on this paved railway path through beautiful countryside in Bakkelandet between Horsens and Silkeborg. On the long trip, you almost never get out on a busy road, and wander over The Uncovered Bridge along the way. The trip can be divided into stages or done over two days with an overnight stay in Brædstrup. There is parking in Horsens at Scandic Hotel Opus on Egebjergvej.   


The Kanino - around Endelave island (21 km)

Take a trip around this beautiful island in the Kattegat on a lovely coastal hike through unique, protected countryside. Feel the island atmosphere and see if you can spot some of the island’s thousands of wild rabbits. If 21 kilometres is too much, there are also signposted routes of 12, 5 and 3 kilometres, all of which have their starting point at the harbour, where you can also park the car

Girl running along Hou Beach at Hou Strand Camping while the grandparents watch in the background
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The coastal path at Hou (Round trip - 10 km)

The signposted coastal path at Hou takes you along the fine beaches of the Odder coast from Hou to Hølken Beach and back through the ferry town of Hou. Along the way, there are optimal opportunities to enjoy the summer weather with an ice cream or a dip in the gentle waves of the Kattegat. There is parking in several places in Hou town - including at the official car park for Hou Beach on Villavej and at Hølken Beach

Boats on Bygholm lake
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Around Bygholm Lake (7 km)

Bygholm Lake is one of the Horsens area’s most beloved excursion destinations. The route around the lake goes all the way down to the lake shore in the wooded area by Åbjerg Forest. Along the way you will come close to the well-kept graveyard Grønhøj and a campsite with shelters and a playground. There is parking in many places. Among other things, at the car park on Åbjergskovvej at the southwest corner of the lake


The Horsens-Odder Railway Path (35 km)

Beautiful varied hiking route. Along the way you will experience major shifts in landscape from town to forest, agriculture, beach, fjord, meadow, bog and cosy villages on the signposted route. The trip has a bit of everything. There is ample opportunity for parking and bus connections along the entire route, so the trip can be divided into stages. Yiou can park at Strandparken in Horsens and follow Næsset to the path

The really high cliff by Sønderklint on Tunø
Photo: Melissa Villumsen

Around Tunø (8 km)

The wildly idyllic car-free island of Tunø has a beautiful signposted hiking route that goes all the way around the island. Almost all the way you have a view of the sea, and a large part of the way you walk on high slopes with a stunning view. Most of the trip is on grass paths. Take the children with you and go on the popular treasure hunt. Walk around, answer questions along the way and get a medal as proof. Tunø is car-free, so park around the harbour at Hou