Kvinder cykler på elcykler på Den Genfundne Bro
Man riding over a bridge on a mountain bike in Odder

Cycling in Kystlandet

Photo:Sarah Green&Jesper Rais
When in doubt, pedal it out

We highly recommend exploring Kystlandet from the seat of your bike.

The area has routes for all levels and ages, beautiful landscapes, hilly woodlands and rolling fields. Several routes are signposted and take you past local attractions.

Get your bike and stomp the pedals with us!

Go for a spin with Olympic cycling champion Julie Leth

Watch the video and pedal it out with Olympic silver medalist Julie Leth around Horsens Fjord.

Far og søn cykler på elcykler ved vandet

Go for an ebike stay in nature

Everything is prepared for you on this stay including electric bicycle and unique accommodation in Bakkelandet. On the tours you will pass some of the great nature attractions of the Gudenå Valley and the southern part of the Lakelands, and there is also opportunity to visit the local eateries and food manufacturers.