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Sejlbåd i Tunø Havn

Sailing holiday in East Jutland

Photo: Destination Kystlandet

The course is set for the calm waters of the Kattegat. As a sailor, you have great experiences on the horizon. Within a short distance, charming island experiences await, harbour atmosphere, culture and shopping in the area’s towns, and easy access to the region’s major attractions.

In the blue East Jutland, freedom is total

Nothing beats the feeling of ultimate freedom on a sailing holiday. As a sailor, you can spontaneously go from harbour to harbour, based on wind and weather, desire and gut feeling. Every time you dock, new experiences await that unfold at your command. And surely there is hardly a mode of transport in which you become so much one with nature, and carried by its powers? You can’t help but return home relaxed from a sailing holiday - sated with experiences and new impressions. 

And where will your sailing holiday go? You will have to look hard for an area that offers as varied a range of experiences within a short distance as the Coastal Land. In a region characterised and shaped by its proud maritime traditions, you will find many inviting marinas - from the big ones with all the modern facilities to the intimate and peaceful places. You can quickly get from the cultural town of Horsens to atmospheric harbour towns such as Juelsminde or one of the many islands in the East Jutland Archipelago. What do you want to do today?

Tunø i Det Østjyske Øhav set fra luften

The East Jutland archipelago

Gp island hopping between the beautiful smal islands in the East Jutland Archipelago

Photo: Jan Kejser

Horsens Fjord

One of Denmark's most beautiful fjords with a wonderful mix of nature and great experiences

Photo: Jesper Rais

Transport on land

How do you get from the harbour and to the area’s experiences? At almost all harbours on land there is a bus service from the harbour. At the area’s island harbours there is bicycle hire, and both on Hjarnø and Endelave even the possibility to hire a golf buggy. On the car-free island of Tunø, you can instead get around in a traxi (tractor with a driver). Either way, the area’s experiences are within easy reach

Do as the celebs

Watch the TV programme about Bubber and Thomas Villum Jensen’s sailing holiday in the East Jutland Archipelago and get a taste of what awaits