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REMA 1000 - convenience store

With more than 300 stores REMA 1000 is one of Denmark’s biggest discount chains. All REMA 1000 stores are run by independent merchants, who along with their employees work hard every day to give their customers the best shopping experiences.

In REMA 1000 we have strong principles with regards to the quality of our goods and our environment. That means, that we offer a wide variety of high-quality goods at great prices. Whether our customers want to shop cheap, ecological, healthy, allergy-friendly or local we ensure, that they find the best goods on our shelves. Quality is our main priority and every product is therefore tested and tasted for its contents, quality, freshness and taste before it becomes a part of our assortment. That is what we call “Discount with principles”.

In Horsens you can find several REMA 1000 stores:

Sundparkens Butikstorv, Horsens
Bygholm Søpark 25, Horsens
Bygaden 2, Stensballe, Horsens          
Hede Nielsens Vej 2, Horsens
Bjerrevej 142, Horsens
Thorsgårdsvej 8, Torsted, Horsens
Provstlund Alle 4, Lund
Stationspladsen 17, Brædstrup