Destination Kystlandet

The Children's Farm

Visit The Children’s Farm (in Danish 'Børnebondegården') and come close to guinea pigs, chicken, geese, ducks, goats, sheep, horses and cows.

Find out where dairy products come from and how milking robots work. You can also go to the playground or play on one of the toy tractors. The farm is open to everyone. You are welcome to bring a picnic basket.

About The Children’s Farm:
The farm is an association in Serridslev close to Horsens that is based on volunteer work. The farm keeps different kinds of farm animals and pets and is open to all guests: families with children, childcare centres, child-minders, schools, and elders. A visit at the farm will teach you about food production as well as how to take care of livestock and pets. Volunteer workers carry out all work at the farm.

Grandparents who have a household-membership are allowed to bring their grandchildren.