Destination Kystlandet
Man rides a bike at vantage point Trustrup, overlooking Horsens Fjord
Great discoveries and small adventures in

the Coastal Land

Two children standing at the coast

Welcome to the Coastal Land - a new holiday destination at the heart of Denmark.

New, because few have yet discovered our lovely region - so you are actually a sort of first-mover. And new, because the Coastal Land unites VisitOdder, VisitHorsens and VisitJuelsminde.

The Coastal Land offers great discoveries and small adventures and, along the way, you'll discover the special lifestyle of the local

Here, the magical stream of the river Gudenå is most intense and romantic. Here, you'll find the most family-friendly beaches. Here, everyone takes pride in their local area and they like to share it - also when it comes to the recommendation of local marshmallow topping for your ice cream.

In search of the treasure

Callling all landlubbers!

Join us on three adventurous and fun treasure hunts in the Coastal Land.

Golfer hit a golfball at Stensballegaard Golfclub in Horsens

The Coastal Land's incredible golf couses

More adventures in The Coastal Land

Backpacker walks on The Railway Path Odder-Horsens

Tie your boots and let's go hiking! You've yet to discover scenic summits, Denmark's only river, the biggest lake in Jutland, historical monuments hidden in nature and some of the kingdom's most beautiful and approachable coastline. 

The beach at Endelave island

Do not miss out on visiting the beautiful pearls of the East Jutland arcipelago.

Sweet dreams

Spend a night at a manor house, at a mansion, a sanatorium, a ceramics workshop or a prison and make the night an experience in itself. Here, you can still feel the presence of history - but do not worry, we have let in fresh air and the bed is new.

Mother and son at The Industrial Museum

In the Coastal Land you find a wide selection of exciting industrial history and contemporary art.