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Family on the treasure hunt Tunø Rundt - one of four treasure hunts in Destination Coastal Land

Find the treasure on Tunø

Photo: Destination Coastal Land

3½ square kilometres of car-free happiness with lots of excitement. This is what you get when you take the family on a treasure hunt on the small island of Tunø, about 8 km. from the Jutland coast. Download the treasure map and join the hunt for medals and fun learning!

Ship ahoy - start with breakfast rolls on the morning ferry

Tunø is a real treasure island. Start the trip with the morning ferry from HouThe crossing itself is an experience and you may be lucky enough to spot both porpoises and seals.

You are also always welcome on the bridge, which is the ferry’s wheelhouse where you can have a good chat with the ferry’s captain.

Don’t forget the breakfast rolls for the crossing (about one hour).

Photo:Destination Coastal Land

Tunø is a car-free island for the whole family between Samsø and Jutland.

Photo:Destination Coastal Land

Øen byder på både store og små eventyr - for børn i alle aldre!

Get the treasure hunt on the ferry or online

Feel free to grab a treasure map on the ferry or download it and print from home. It can increase the motivation of both children and childish souls that there is something to look forward to in each place.

Tunø Treasure Hunt - an epic and cosy experience for the whole family

Se videoen!

Remember your hiking boots and binoculars - now we’re going on a treasure hunt!

When you arrive at the beautiful island, do not miss out on the fantastic nature experience, which is to walk around the island. And you do not have to worry about cars or traffic because we have left the cars on land. The island has only one road, and it’s for you, not the cars.

Take the treasure map in hand and enjoy the trip that takes you past lovely seaweed, high slopes, wild flowers and a rich wildlife, and of course, an incredible view!

Along the way, you can break up the trip with visits to some lovely beaches.

Photo:Destination Coastal Land

The trip around the island is 8.3 km, and on arrival in Tunø town, we recommend a good lunch at Mejeriet Tunø, which has an absolutely fantastic view from the terrace.

You must have some food and drink

The trip around the island is 8.3 km. Therefore, we recommend that you start with a good lunch at Mejeriet Tunø, which has a fantastic view from the terrace.

And when you have completed the treasure hunt, you hand in the completed treasure map at the convenience shop, which acknowledges the great work with a lovely free medal. Here you can also fill up your backpack with provisions such as ice cream, sweets and cold drinks.

Photo:Destination Coastal Land

Play and relax

There is a wonderful playground at the harbour, where the tired adults can take a well-deserved rest in the hammocks, while the children play.

There is also the opportunity to catch crabs AND arrange crab races before heading back to the mainland in the late afternoon. Staying overnight is of course also an option.


A good tip is to buy some of the island’s fresh vegetables to take home for dinner.

Or pop by  Mosters Ishus, when you arrive in Hou. Here they offer light dishes from the small kitchen, so you do not have to worry about cooking after such a wonderful day.


Share your experience with us

We would really like to take a look and see how your trip has gone. Share with the hashtag #iwalkedaroundtunoe and inspire others to have a great experience.

Have a great trip!

Download the Tunø treasure map here. 

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