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The Tunø Treasure Hunt

Tunø, the island without cars, is a natural haven that everyone should experience. For this reason, the people of Tunø have teamed up with VisitOdder to create a fun activity for the whole family.


Tunø is located about an hour of sailing away from Hou, south of Aarhus, and on the Tunø ferry, all treasure hunters can grab a free treasure map. When arriving at the harbour of Tunø, your mission is to solve tasks while hiking your way around the island. The route is approximately 8.3 kilometers long, and when you make it all the way back to the starting point, kids and those who are young at heart can collect a custom-made medal as a memory.

Get your treasure map here.


The route will take you past Tunø Church, which is probably the only place in the world where the church tower is also a lighthouse. The birdwatching tower near “the mountain” – the highest point on Tunø – is also worth a visit, just as the tall steep slope on the north side of the island which is an impressive sight. A walk along the cliff path offers beautiful sea views. In the summer months, you may be lucky to see porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) with their young hunting for herrings and other fish along the coast.

After the hike, you can eat your packed lunch at Tunø Købmandsgård (merchant’s house), buy supplies or visit the restaurant Mejeriet Tunø that offer classic and modern dishes for both children and grown-ups. 

Down by the harbour you will find a fun playground and six hammocks. You can also borrow different equipment such as waders, life jackets or marine binoculars so you can explore nature even more. The equipment can be found in the shed behind the harbour office.

At the harbour you can also find Tunø Røgeri & Restaurant which is known for its smoked salt. Here you can eat fresh fish and shellfish in the restaurant or enjoy cold refreshments in the bar.

Before heading back to the mainland, we recommend that you buy some of the island’s delicious vegetables and specialties. The vegetables are sold from two small stands.

Ferry tickets

Right now, tickets for the Tunø ferry are reduced to 35 DKK for adults and 18 for children. That is less than half price. The captain will happily invite kids onto the bridge.

If you are not interested in hiking, you can also experience Tunø by bike or by “traxa” – the island’s unique tractor taxi.

Book your ferry ticket ahead if you want to make sure that there is enough room on the small ferry.