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The Tunø Treasure Hunt

Tunø, the island without cars, is a natural haven that everyone should experience. For this reason, the people of Tunø have teamed up with VisitOdder to create a fun activity for the whole family.


Treasure Hunt on Tunø

Ahoy, landlubber! Are you aiming to acquire the notorious Tunø Medal? Then you'll need a treasure map. And I'd be willing to share my only copy. But only with you! (Psst. you can also get a free copy of the treasure map on the Tunø Ferry departing from Hou). And beware; the hunt is 8.3 kilometres, and you might even spot porpoises swimming past you.


So, how does the treasure hunt work exactly?

Follow these simple steps and claim the medal:

1. Grab a free copy of the treasure map on the Tunø ferry (or print it at home)

2. Locate all the points on the treasure map and solve the tasks

3. Hand in the treasure map at the grocery store Tunø Købmandsgård

4. Receive the specially crafted medal as proof of your achievement: #JegGikTunøRundt

Navigating is easy. Just follow the coastline for most of the way. If you still need help finding your way, you can use our digital map.


Experiences along the journey

The hike includes notable spots such as Tunø Church, probably the only place in the world where the church tower also serves as a lighthouse. Additionally, the bird tower near "The Mountain" - Tunø's highest point - is worth a visit, as is the high cliff on the north side of the island, a spectacular sight.

After the hike, you can enjoy your packed lunch at Tunø Købmandsgård, purchase supplies, or visit Mejeriet Tunø, offering something for both children and adults, with classic and modern dishes.

Down at the harbor awaits a fun playground and six hammocks. You can also borrow various equipment like waders, life jackets, and binoculars to explore nature further. The equipment is available in the wooden shed behind the harbor office.

Before heading back to the mainland, we recommend buying some of the island's delicious vegetables and specialty items to take home. The vegetables are available at the two vegetable stalls, both accepting MobilePay.


Tunø: The perfect island getaway

Tunø is a gem in the East Jutlandic archipelago. Plus, it's only an hour's sail from Hou, south of Aarhus. Here, you can experience Tunø's version of "Grenen," or the miniature version of Møens Klint. It's an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.

You can find inspiration for experiences on Tunø on this page. 


Ferry Tickets

The Tunø ferry sails several times daily at prices that are affordable for everyone. The captain also gladly invites children and the young at heart up to the bridge.

If you're not much into walking around the island, Tunø can also be explored by bike or with 'traxa,' the island's unique tractor-taxi.

Book your ferry ticket well in advance if you want to ensure a spot on the small ferry.

Note that sailing times vary from day to day, so check the schedule before planning your trip.


Are you aiming for all 7 medals?

The Tunø Treasure Hunt is one of seven treasure hunts in Kystlandet. Upon completion of each treasure hunt, you'll receive a medal - wouldn't it be awesome to have the entire collection? There's plenty more hours of free entertainment awaiting you in the treasure hunts in Odder, Horsens, Brædstrup, Juelsminde, Endelave, and Hjarnø.