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Tørring Canoe Rental (Kanoudlejning & Kanofart)

At Tørring Kanoudlejning & Kanofart you can hire a canoe or kayak to go on the river Gudenå. Staff are ready with advice and guidance, so you do not have to think about all the practical things - just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Your tour on the Gudenå starts here

The southern part of the river Gudenå between Tørring and Klostermølle is one-way - you must only go with the current, and the stretch is said to be the most beautiful part of the Gudenå. It makes Tørring the obvious starting place for canoeing - whether you want to go out for a few hours, a few days or spend a whole holiday on the Gudenå.

You can hire a canoe for the trip at Tørring Kanoudlejning, where you can get kitted out and get inspiration, tips, tricks and personal service. The hire company takes care of all the practical things, including picking up the canoe when you leave it. You also have the option to have your car taken to the end point for when you get there, and you can even order a packed lunch for the trip.

There is a great deal of flexibility and you can choose the starting and finishing place yourself, and you can change the finished place up to 12 noon on the end day.

The ultimate nature experience

A canoe trip on the Gudenå is the wonderful Back to Basics experience where you can see nature from the outside and share the experience with your loved ones. Use the many places to stay along the Gudenå and enjoy the sunset, a bonfire and staying overnight looking up at the stars. Get inspired for your planning on this page.

Book a package trip

Tørring Kanoudlejning will be happy to help you with the planning of your canoe holiday. There are package trips that are tailored to your needs where you can choose to stay at a hotel, in a cabin, bed and breakfast or a tent. There are many options – there are suggestions for package trips here.

Kayak hire

Would you rather experience the Gudenå from a kayak? If you are on your own, this is an excellent choice. You have the option to hire a kayak from Tørring Kanoudlejning & Kanofart.

Suggestions for a trip on the Gudenå 

Tørring - Klostermølle 40 km
Klostermølle - Silkeborg 30 km
Silkeborg - Bjerringbro 40 km
Bjerringbro - Randers 32 km

Contact Tørring Kanoudlejning & Kanofart for the best start to an unforgettable trip!