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Tønballe Forest

2,5 kilometers from Snaptun harbour to the view tower in a treetop and sea views, then through Tønballegaard for forest fitness and back to Snaptun harbour.

You can easily see the tower from the path. There is a beautiful view of Hjarnø bay, Snaptun harbour, Alrø and Hjarnø. It is a breathtaking view all day – but the sunrise may be the most beautiful sight.

The tower is build around a large beech tree, so that all the branches makes a roof over the platform. The tree is not touched by the tower in any place. The meaning is that you feel that you are standing in the treetop.

From the tower you follow a path through Tønballegaard and continue along the gravel road until there is a sign with Tønballe Skovfitness. Skovfitness consists of 11 stations with a clear marking of the different exercises you can perform if you feel like it. Otherwise it is pure meditation to just walk around the forest.