Strandshoppen at Saksild beach

Strandshoppen (the beach shop) at Saksild Strand is your close-by convenience store and your friend in need when spending time at the coast, on the beach or in one of the lovely holiday homes in this area. The shop has both a section for sporting equipment and one for convenience goods. 


Whether you are in need of morning bagels for the family, snacks for Friday fun, a clean set of sporting outfits og playing things for the beach - then Strandshoppen is the place to go. Of course, they also sell much needed ice cream on a hot summer day.


In the sporting section you will find some of the most popular brands such as Nike, Adidas and many more. 



  • Freshly baked bread every morning
  • Cold beverages
  • Wine and spirits
  • Sausages and bread
  • Ice cream and candy

Sporting section

  • Sports wear
  • Shoes
  • Beach stuff
  • Balls
  • Games

It will be a lovely summer at Saksild beach, and they cannot wait to welcome you in Strandshoppen.