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The source of the Gudenå

In the thicket Tinnet Krat, a spring trickles out of the ground and marks the start of the two streams Gudenåen and Skjernåen. The large watershed is a fantastic and unique nature experience beautifully set on the Jutland ridge. The area is a good starting point for hiking as there are several signposted routes in the area.

Where the waters separate

Only a few hundred meters apart you see the sources of Denmark's two most prominent watercourses – Gudenåen, which is Denmark's longest “river”, and Skjernåen, which is the most voluminous. From here, the two streams are supplied with enormous amounts of water from the subsoil. The springs are found in a large, protected nature area, some 10 kilometres from Tørring. The Tinnet Krat area is characterised by natural forests, meadows, heaths and pastures. The areas is rich in wildlife and the landscape is entirely unique.


Denmark’s first water park

At the sources of Gudenåen, you can see the remains of Denmark's and probably Europe's first water park. The first pool was built around 1920 and was originally intended as a water trough for the animals in the fields but the area's children and servants quickly began swimming in it. In 1938, several additional pools were built and, later that year, it was officially opened as a water park. In addition to the swimming pools, the area included both a carousel and a water slide and, later, also a restaurant.

Today, you can see the foundation of the pools set in nature right next to the source.


A centre for nature experiences

Tinnet Krat is located in the middle of the Gudenåen valley where there are many signposted hiking trails that lead you along Gudenåen. There are several signposted routes around the springs. The source of the Gudenåen also serves as a starting point at trail Gudenåstien. From here, you can walk through the Gudenåen valley to Tørring and on to Uldum Kær. The old merchant and militant road Hærvejen also traverses the area and following the popular route through beautiful scenery to Nørre Snede comes highly recommended.

At Koutrupgaard Nature School just north of the source, you find shelters where you can spend the night outdoors.


Part of the Danish Nature Canon

The sources of the Gudenå River and Skjernåen is one of 15 nature areas in Denmark that have been selected for the Danish Nature Canon. The jury emphasised the cultural significance of the streams in Danish history and the unique nature that occurs around sources with little lakes, marshland, and oak scrub. Here, you will find the best example of a Danish stream landscape. 


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