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Shelter in Staksrode Forest

With an exceptionally beautiful location on top of the dramatic coastal bluffs of Vejle Fjord, this nature camp site with a shelter can be found in one of the loveliest forests in Eastern Jutland. There is a fire ring and a toilet on site – and free access to the impressive nature.  

Accommodation with a sea view

Accommodation with ocean view usually costs the earth but at this nature camp site in Staksrode Forest on the Juelsminde Peninsula, you can sleep for free in first row of the ocean, surrounded by the trees of the forest. There is no room service, bathrobes, or warm duvets here – we are talking primitive accommodation at its best. There is plenty of room around the fire ring and for exploring nature. And you will even have a roof over your head in case the Danish weather decides to show its not so adorable side.  

The site is only a few metres from the coast but on top of a tall bluff. Therefore, you are in for a panorama view of Vejle Fjord, the Kattegat and the north side of the island Funen. Imagine waking up to that!


The early bird gets the worm

The shelter in Staksrode Forest cannot be booked in advance. It has room for 6-8 persons. One party cannot claim the shelter for themselves if there is room for more people. In other words, you must share.

There is a fire ring next to the shelter. You are allowed to gather wood from the forest floor. Except from a toilet, there are no further facilities.

You can park at the public parking lot at the end of Stenhøjsvej. The parking lot is approx. 1100 metres from the shelter. Just follow the signs for the blue route to get there.


Bring your own tent

In addition to the shelter site, there are two other camp sites in Staksrode Forest where you can put up your tent. These are in the western and eastern part of the forest. The shelter site is halfway between them.


The impressive surroundings

Staksrode Forest is one of Denmark’s most fascinating forests. At the significant bluffs towards Stenhøj Beach, the trees seem to have thrown higgledy-piggledy, which is a spectacular sight. There are three hiking routes (blue, yellow and red) leading you around the forest. The yellow route of five kilometres is the more beautiful of the three with a particularly distinctive landscape. This route passes the Stagsevold Castle Ruins.

Stenhøj Beach is accessible below the forest bluffs. A stairway zigzags its way down the slope. Down at the beach, there is a bathing jetty but otherwise no facilities. There are many toplled trees here that you have to climb over if you wish to go for a walk on the two kilometre long beach. There are also good chances of finding fossils at the beach.


More primitive accommodation

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