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Rodsteenseje Manor

South of Odder lies this manor estate, whose history dates back to the 14th century. The manor, which is privately owned and closed to the public, has been owned by the crown and is presently part of the Åkjær Estate.

Manor Estate near Odder

Rodsteenseje is one among many manor estates in the area around Odder, where the fertile soil has made it advantageous to manage large estates. Rodsteenseje is located slightly east of Rathlousdal, two kilometers southeast of the center of Odder.

Previously named Hovedstrup, Rodsteenseje's origins are not precisely documented, but the earliest sources trace it back to the first half of the 14th century. The main estate was privately held until 1481 when it came under the ownership of the crown and the Åkjær estate. Following the loss of Scania in 1660, the kingdom's drost, Joachim Gersdorff, was granted, among other things, Åkjær, including Hovedstrup, as compensation for surrendered land in Scania. Subsequently, the estate changed hands multiple times, but it was repurchased by Åkjær Gods in 2011.


Architectural Structure

The current main building was erected in 1681, shortly after the estate was renamed Rodsteenseje. It consists of a three-winged half-timbered structure with one floor above a high cellar clad with rubble stones. The beautiful building features a distinctive octagonal tower through which access is granted to the central wing. The manor estate is situated in a larger park-like garden area, housing two lakes and several agricultural buildings.


Fun Facts about Rodsteenseje

From 1927 to 1963, Rodsteenseje had a dairy that provided the local community with popular estate-made ice cream.

The famous Danish writer Steen Steensen Blicher was a frequent visitor to the manor. He was, for a period, the vicarage tenant at his father's estate in Randlev.


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Rodsteenseje isn't accessible to the public, and it's not easily visible from a distance. However, there are numerous other manor estates, castles, and historical buildings in the region that allow for closer inspection or even entry.

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