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Ring Lake

On the outskirts of Brædstrup, you'll find this bathing lake with a beach and a bathing bridge. There are quite nice facilities around the beach. Surrounding the lake is a three-kilometer-long footpath, which makes for an excellent hike.

Beautiful bathing beach in Bakkelandet

Although Brædstrup, and the rest of Bakkelandet, are located only a short distance from the coast, the area's residents and tourists shouldn't miss out on a quick swim at the beach. Just 1 kilometer from the city's commercial center, you can take a dip on a hot summer day, sunbathe, or simply relax by the water at the tables/benches.

At the beach, which is located in the northeast corner of the lake closest to the city, there is a parking lot accessible from Søkildevej. There are great opportunities to have a picnic in the picnic shelter or at the outdoor tables. There is a public toilet on-site.

In addition to the good bathing water, as a visitor, you can enjoy a 42-meter-long U-shaped bathing bridge with two access points and a thick layer of soft sandy beach.


Hiking around the lake

If you would like to enjoy the beautiful nature around Ring Sø on foot, you can follow an approximately 3 km long footpath around the lake. The landscape offers narrow meadows, some forest, and fields. It is a nice walk with varied terrain, but be aware that it can be very wet outside the season and during periods of heavy rainfall. The path is not suitable for wheelchair users and strollers.


Nature adventure at Ring Sø

With the free app, Natureventyr, you can take the walk around the lake while diving into the child-friendly adventure "Sun and the Lake Monster" about a young girl who fights a lake monster and tries to make the sun and water friends again.


Explore Brædstrup

Brædstrup is a charming commercial town with exciting shops and good dining options. The town is surrounded by nature, and you can conveniently combine a trip to Ring Sø with a hike in Ring Skov and Folkeparken.

It is highly recommended to take a day trip to the town. Get inspiration for experiences in Brædstrup on this page.