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Tine and Magnus live on the farm Reballegaard, which they are in the process of transforming into a regenerative hub with many practical uses. Already, you can join guided tours of the farm and learn about the plans and history.

A quite special farm

If you drive along Reballevej between Hovedgård and Søvind, you'll notice the impressive and majestic farmhouse, Reballegaard. The house was built as a manor for the nearby Tyrrestrup Estate. However, no one from the estate family ever lived on the farm; instead, it was sold. Afterward, Reballegaard had various owners, including a count and a baron who moved out because the house was "too small." It's fair to say that the farm has had many functions, as it has since served as a boys' home, a control school, a nursing home, a pig farm, a rehabilitation center for substance abusers, a large collective, a multi-family house, and has rented rooms to craftsmen.


Reballegaard today – and in the future

Tine Svensson is the third-generation owner, and she continues the tradition of revitalizing the place. Together with her husband Magnus, they are fully engaged in transforming it from pig farming and agriculture to a regenerative hub for people, food, and nature. They envision Reballegaard becoming a vibrant place accessible to various target groups at different times.



From May 1, 2024, bookings are opened for the Boutique Bed'n'Breakfast establishment, featuring four lovely rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, communal areas both indoors and outdoors, two bathrooms, access to the garden area, and the opportunity to harvest from the farm's kitchen garden, as well as free parking for both cars and bicycles. Additionally, meeting facilities are available for rent in the main building.

You can learn more about the accommodation and book your stay on this page.


Guided tours

Already now, you can visit Reballegaard and gain insight into the entire transformation process, the plans, and learn more about the place's fascinating history.

There will be ongoing pop-up food events like pizza nights or cooking at the bonfire with guest chefs.

The ambitions are grand, and in the long run, they would like to offer cultivation communities, communal dinners, team-building activities, and the possibility to rent the facilities.


Follow life on the farm on Instagram

Reballegaard is active on Instagram, where you can get insights into the daily lives of Tine and Magnus, and especially the progress of the site's development.