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The mountain bike trail in Odder

If you are looking for a challenging mountainbike route, then the route Bisgaardsskoven (Bisgaard Forest) is a good choice. This route is 2,5 kilometres long, and if you are up for it, you can do more than one lap. 

The route is located in Bisgaard Forest in the northern part of Odder. The forest is not very big, and the path is built in a small area, but the limited space is well utilised for a technical route in challenging terrain. 

The route starts by the entrance to the forest by a gravel path next to the recycling depot at Skovdalsvej. There is an information board here, and generally great signposting in the area. 

Be aware that the route is closed in May, which is breeding time for roe deer, badgers and other animals in the forest.