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Inshore fishing at Storstranden

Storstranden during summer is known for its fine beaches. But during autumn, winter and spring, the area from Juelsminde Marina and out to the pump house is really good fishing water for especially sea trout. The fish are often found in minor shoals in the division between sandy bottom and seaweedforests. The stretch is divided by stones, which make small “swimmingpools”, where shrimp and small fish finds shelter for the current.

The current is often strong on this stretch, which means the sea trout has to be found. Therefore, the stretch has to be angled from one end to the other, as the fish follow the food.

Spin fishing has a clear advantage in summer, as the sea trout often stays in deeper water during day.

In the season, this spot offers a lot of garfish, and sometimes the mahi also come close to shore here.

Spin fishing:

Ordinary spin rods in 9-11 feet with a size 2500 – 3000 wheel is preferable. In the beginning of the season, blink in harsh colors are preferable. From mid May until September, long sandeels looking blinks are often a safe bet.

 In autumn the compact 5-7 cm blink work well. At this time, there is a large amount of gobies on the reef.

Bombarda fishing is also good on the reef. A 10 12 feet rod with a 2500 – 3000 size wheel. The fly’s are the same as described below under fly fishing.

Fly fishing:

Fly rods in 9-10 feet #6 and #7 are preferable. An intermediate line or sinking polyleader work well during daylight, while a floating one is best for night fishing.

Shrimp and sandeel fly’s are really effective at this spot. During autumn, small seaweed flea imitations can also make the difference.