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Inshore fishing at Kysing

The beach at Kysing

Fish species: Sea trout and garfish during the season; flouder, cod, with a good chance of eel.

Parking: Large excellent car park with tables, benches and toilet facilities.

Tips: Sea trout-fishing throughout the entire area, flounderfishing from the concrete blocks on the beach to the right of the car park. Flounder-fishing when the wind is in the east, best at high tide - and at sunset for a larger catch. Fine opportunities for a secondary catch of eel and cod. There have been catches of flounder of up to 46cm!!

Important: The use of waders is frequently required.


Fish species: Sea trout and garfish during the season, a good chance for cod.

: The Norsminde Harbour; follow the beach south towards the headland.

: Fish on the right hand side of the headland. Perfect site for flyfishing, or bubble float with a fly as bait. This site is very small and frequented by many anglers. During the seaon, you have to be an early bird to get a free spot. Small spoons recommended.

: The use of waders is required, but is also very difficult. Stick for depth-measuring recommended.