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Inshore fishing at Kysing and Norsminde

In the northernmost part of the Odder Coast and Saksild Bay, there are diverse and excellent fishing opportunities. Here, fishing is possible in the harbour, on the beach, and at reefs, all offering great chances for a good catch.

Fishing at Kysing Beach

Kysing Beach is a serene and excellent spot with parking right by the beach and set-up tables where you can prepare your catch of the day.

There's a chance to catch sea trout, garfish, plaice, cod, and opportunities for eels. Sea trout are caught all around the area, especially in pools and areas with currents where sea trout often roam. Feel free to fish over the sand. The best chances for sea trout are in late spring and early summer.

There are excellent opportunities for catching plaice at the beach – specifically near the concrete blocks to the right of the parking area. Plaice measuring up to 46cm have been caught! This fishing experience peaks from September to November. Plaice are caught in easterly winds and are best caught at high tide, preferably at sunset.

Additionally, there are good chances of catching eels and cod as by-catch.

The large parking lot is located in connection with Restaurant Himmel & Hav – look for Kystvejen 200.


Fishing at Norsminde Harbour

At the small harbour where Norsminde Fjord meets the Kattegat Sea, there's an abundance of fish. Plenty of small fish like flounders, gobies, and blennies are present, while herring and pollock are also found here during certain periods. These fish concentrate near the sluice gate, providing good fishing opportunities. In the strong current of the harbour, there are also sea trout and garfish attracted by the abundant small fish.

Be aware that there is a conservation zone east of the harbour where the Kattegat Sea meets the harbour entrance.

There are ample parking opportunities at the harbour, where tables are also available to prepare your catch.


Fishing at Kysing Næs

At Kysing Næs, there's fantastic fishing water and a large reef. The spot is superb during the summer but also offers good fishing opportunities throughout the year. Fishing is possible on both sides of the headland, but fishing conditions are particularly good to the right of the headland, especially for fly fishing. From this spot, you can catch both sea trout, abundant garfish, as well as flatfish and mackerel. Wading is necessary but challenging.

This spot is one of the most popular fishing spots in the region. Therefore, arrive early if you want a spot during the season.

Also, at Kysing Næs, be mindful of the conservation zone. Fishing is only permitted from the headland itself and towards the right, towards Kysing Beach. See image 3 in the gallery for the location.

Park at the harbour in Norsminde and follow the coastline on the south side of the fjord. A nature trail leads to the headland.


Other Fishing Spots in the Area

There are many other lovely and productive fishing spots in this part of the Jutland east coast. On this page about coastal fishing in Kystlandet, you can find inspiration for your next catch on the Jutland east coast.