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Hundslund Church

The entrance to the churchyard is flanked by old stakes from the royal game park in Skanderborg. There are four Romanesque grave slabs in the walls of the tower and porch. These slabs were probably carved, in pairs, by the same workshop.

The altar section is an impressive sight; the altar painting of Christ and the Apostles continues on the sidepanels. The altarpiece itself is from 1613 and is the work of Michel Snedker: the centre panel features a painting of the Crucifixion from the same date.

The rood dates from 1440-1500, but has a more recent wooden cross, probably from the 17th century. It is now mounted on the north part of the wall above the chancel arch.

The pulpit is inscribed with the date 1600, and the base is decorated with some unusual cherubs´ heads, with high foreheads adorned with wreaths of fruit and flowers. The canopy is from the 18th century.

The Romanesque font is decorated with lion and cable motifs. The base is plain, apart from a single cable motif at the top.

The church is open when the gravedigger is present.