Hou Beach

Hou Beach is a child-friendly sandy beach by the charming seaport of Hou. The beach has an excellent bathing water quality and has been certified with the blue flag - the international seal of approval that guarantees great bathing water and good conditions. There are disabled toilets and shopping facilities by the beach. 

Hou harbour which is always bustling with life is close to the beach. At the harbour you can find an eatery, and once a year you can attend the locally famed Hou Harbour Festival. Two ferries also moor in Hou with links to the islands of Tunø and Samsø. There are shopping facilities close to the beach and harbour - e.g. the supermarket Dagli' Brugsen Hou and the butcher's shop Hou Mesterslagter. 

In Hou there are several accommodation offers such as a large holiday home area, the camping site Hou Strand Camping and the handicap-friendly Hou Sea Sport Center. 

If you feel it is too cold for outdoor swimming, then you can visit Vandhalla which is one of Denmark's most accessible public swimming pools with a 90-metre-long water slide.