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Fakkegrav Beach

This beach is found in a scenic area with hills and forestry, just on the northern side of Vejle Fjord. The beach has a bathing jetty and a nice, sandy ocean floor. 

A wonderful beach at Vejle Fjord

Between Rosenvold and Hotel Vejlefjord lies Fakkegrav Beach, which, for more than a 100 years, was the home of a seaside hotel. Sadly, the seaside hotel caught fire in 2012, obtaining damages beyond repair. The beach, however, which attracted bathers from near and far, is still open to visitors today.

As part of Denmark's longest coastal forest, Fakkegrav Beach is surrounded by trees. The beach has an old, somewhat worn bathing jetty, and large grassy areas. Around the bathing jetty, the ocean floor is rather stony, but if you walk further east, the ocean floor is nice and sandy. The eastern part of the beach is also quite wide, making it the perfect spot for sunbathing. This stretch of beach, east of the jetty, is about 500 metres long. Additionally, because the beach is located within a small bay, you are nicely sheltered from the wind. Behind the beach on Fakkegravvej, there is a parking lot, from which a path leads down to the water.

Apart from this – you will not find any notable facilities at the beach. It is indeed a simple, natural beach where you get good quality of bathing water, fine beach sand and, above all, peace and quiet, without crowds of people, ice cream stands, and other commercial elements. It’s just you – and nature.


In close proximity to the beach

Right around 500 metres in a straight line west, you find the spa hotel Hotel Vejlefjord, the beautiful park affiliated with the hotel, and Stouby Strand. Enjoy lunch at the restaurant of the hotel, take a walk through the historic pathways of the park, forest, and coast – all the way to the photogenic Træskohage Lighthouse.

Not more than a kilometre to the east lies the small harbour oasis Rosenvold, which also has a splendid sandy beach and a castle.


Fishing at Fakkegrav

Fakkegrav is a great spot for fjord fishing, both for sea trout and garfish, when in season. Right below the road, you can fish from a sandbar. The fish found by these stones are typically larger than they are elsewhere. About 200 meters further up the beach, surrounded by exciting leopard bottom, there is another sandbar from which to fish. Read more about fishing spots at Vejle Fjord on this page.


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