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Endelave Camping

Experience the lovely holiday atmosphere on this camp site that oozes of tranquility and idyll. Spend the night in your own caravan, tent, or a cabin – close to the coast, nature and the island’s cosy village.

The perfect place to unwind

On Endelave life is lived at a slow pace. The island is low on stress and tight deadlines but offers lots of space for immersion and exploration. A stay at the local camp site is a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You will return to the mainland and the daily grind happy and relaxed.

Endelave Camping is located in the outskirts of the island village, close to experiences, attractions and the ferry berth. It is very close to the coast where there are fine conditions for slipping in the calm ocean for a ducking.


Caravan, tent, or cabin

You can bring your caravan on the ferry and spend the night in your own homely mobile home. Alternatively, you can bring a tent for cheap accommodation or rent one of the cosy wooden cabins with room for up to 6 people. The choice is yours. Regardless of your decision, you can look forward to a calm setting for your holiday with good facilities.

There are toilets and shower facilities at the site, and a kiosk where you can buy beverages, ice-cream, sweet things, and other things that you may need that can make your stay a bit sweeter.


Café Havfruen

Endelave Camping has its own café that offers pizza with a variety of toppings and roast chicken. An easy and delicious option for lunch or dinner. In the café you can also pick up your breakfast for a good sart of the day – or maybe packed lunch for your excursion in Endelave’s nature.


Explore Endelave

Endelave, the island of wild rabbits, offers unique nature and lovely island atmosphere. Walk all the way around the island on the popular hiking route, the Kanino, rent a bicycle or explore the island from the back of a horse. The island has lots of fine beaches – with good space. And in the little village there are shops, eateries and frequent events that you can take part in for free. Several local guides offer exciting guided tours.


Book your stay

Contact the camp site with your enquiry for a lovely stay that you will not forget any time soon.