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The Clover Paths (Kløverstierne) in Hornsyld

The village of Hornsyld offers four waymarked hiking routes of different distances that make it possible to experience the village, its surrounding nature and historic buildings on a route with good facilities.

4 waymarked hiking routes

Most Danish cities, towns, and villages have interesting hiking options placed away from busy roads. Like hidden gems, the paths are ready to be explored in residential areas and nature, and even many local residents are not aware they exist.

In Hornsyld they help guests and local hikers to find these paths with four themed waymarked hiking routes with varied landscape. There are many tables and benches on the routes, and the option to sleep in shelters. You can choose one of the routes or combine them as you please.


Blue route: Along the old railway

This 5.3 kilometre roundtrip leads to the village Bråskov west of Hornsyld. The route takes you through lovely local nature close to the centre along Urlev Stream and the old Horsens-Juelsminde railway. Hornsyld’s status as a railway town ended in 1954, but the railway left a long-lasting mark on the village, still visible today.

Both Hornsyld and Bråskov used to have their own station, and the train service helped develop the population, and turned the area into a commercial village. You will also pas Brå Mill and Bråskovgård contiuation school.


Red route: The four villages

The 7.2 kilometre-long red roundtrip takes you to the four original villages, Hornsyld, Hornsyld Stationsby, Nebsager, and Bråskov.

The route celebrates the local cultural heritage. Considering that Hornsyld only has 1800 inhabitants, it has always had a big supply of shops and service offers that made them independent from bigger cities. Hornsyld historically had its own inn and hospital, and there are still many shops and several schools. There is also a rich associational life, and big manufacturing companies meaning that there are more jobs than inhabitants in Hornsyld.


Black route: Around the village

The black route is 10.2 kilometres long and leads along the edge of the village and through the rural landscape of waving hills and fields southeast of Hornsyld. You will pass the manor Skerrildgård and Nebsager Church from the 13th Century.


Green route: Short walk through the centre

The green route is a short 2.6 kilpometre roundtrip in the heart of Hornsyld. The whole route is illuminated so you can also walk or run here after nightfall.


Follow the signs or a digital map

The four routes are all waymarked with signs in all four colours. You can also choose to follow the routes on your smartphone through this digital map (Google Maps).


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