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Bygholm Lake

Prepare yourself for a great nature experience. The beautiful and idyllic Bygholm Lake is located near the centre of Horsens in connection to Bygholm Park. Go for a hike in wooded terrain along the shores of the lake, all the way around. The area is perfect for hiking, running, MTB and other outdoor activities.

The perfect choice for a walk in the nature

Bygholm Lake is an very popular excursion destination for the inhabitants of Horsens. Here you will encounter dog walkers, runners, MTB riders and horseback riders, anglers and orienteerers. Along the lake is a 7.5-kilometre-long route that is perfect for hiking and running. Åbjerg Forest leads all the way down to the lake, and here you will encounter many trails and routes that you can explore. Try for instance the trail around Bygholm Lake, which consists of two marked routes that are 1.9 and 9.4 kilometres long respectively. These trails lead visitors to the many historical sites on the route.


Mountain bike, horseback riding and running

At Bygholm Lake there are optimal conditions for mountain bikers. Through Åbjerg Forest and around the lake is a 10-kilometre-long trail that will likely cause you to sweat. 

You can ride your horse around the woods on one of the many equestrian trails that are clearly marked. In fact the area was used for the World Miltary Championships in 1981 and there are still remains of the springs from the competition in the forest.

The route around the lake is the city’s most popular running route. If you are more into orienteering, Åbjerg Forest also offers a total of three orienteering courses.


Fishing in Bygholm Lake

The lake is popular with anglers. The fish stock is characterized by many small fish. The lake offers pike and perch as well as a fine stock of zanders. You can buy a fishing license for the lake at Effektlageret. Remember that you must be in possession of the national Danish fishing license whenever you go fishing in Denmark. You can buy it here.  


Park right by the lake

There are many free parking options at Bygholm Lake. You can park at Åbjerg Forest near the ring road. Here you will also find restroom facilities. On the north side of the lake, along Lovbyvej, there are four parking spaces. Several of these spots offer fantastic views of the lake and have picnic tables where you can enjoy your lunch or take a break during your trip.

You can also park at the large parking lot in Bygholm Park, which is 500 meters from the lake.


Make the most of the trip

A trip to Bygholm Lake can be combined with a visit to the beautiful old manor park Bygholm Park, which is connected to the lake. Here you have the opportunity to enjoy a good meal or an overnight stay at Hotel Comwell Bygholm Park.

If you want to stay all the way down to the lake, then this is possible at Bygholm Lake Camping in exceptionally beautiful surroundings. Here you can sleep in a tent or a caravan and there are also shelters on the campsite area.

Also make sure to visit the old passage grave Grønhøj, which is more than 5000 years old. The passage grave is on the south side of the lake. Bygholm Lake and Åbjerg Forest are connected on the south side with the large new community forest, Rugballegard Forest, which has an extensive network of trails. Together with Bygholm Lake, it forms a vast urban natural area of nearly 300 hectares, where you can continually discover new paths and places.


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