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Brigsted Campsite

On the north side of Horsens Fjord, at the crossing point to Vorsø, lies this peaceful and picturesque natural campsite. Here, you can stay overnight in shelters or your own tent by a tranquil beach.

Primitive accommodation by Horsens Fjord

Approximately 16 kilometers east of Horsens Center (if you follow the popular hiking and cycling routes around Horsens Fjord) lies this peaceful campsite where you can stay for free. Brigsted is peacefully situated and isolated, far from busy roads. The natural campsite itself is located down by the beach at the end of Vorsøvej. However, it is well-sheltered from the wind as the site is well planted.

The site is approximately 1.000 m2 and is located on a plot belonging to the nearby apple orchard. The entire area is grass-covered, and tents can be pitched where there is space. There are two shelters on the site with room for 5-6 people in each shelter. Additionally, there is a fire pit (firewood is available on-site), tables, benches, a water point, and a nice toilet building. Note, however, that the water point is closed from October 1st to April 1st.



It is free to stay overnight at the site. We recommend booking the shelter in advance. If you have booked in advance, you have first priority. Please be aware that you cannot turn away other guests if there is room for more in the shelters.

You can book the shelter on this page.


About the area

The campsite itself is located about 60 meters from Brigsted Beach, which is covered with small stones. Here, the water is extremely shallow, and when you look out over the water, you see the island of Vorsø in front of you. The place serves as a crossing point to the island. Please note that it is not allowed to wade to Vorsø without booking a guided tour in advance. Odder Museum and Museum Horsens arrange trips to the island, but you also have the opportunity to book a trip directly through the island's only resident, nature guide Jens Gregersen. Read more about Vorsø on this page.

The nearest shopping opportunity is approximately 2 kilometers away in Søvind. The site is located a few hundred meters from the hiking trail the Fjordmino and functions excellently as a rest stop on the hike around the fjord.

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Prefer to be indoors?

Is it raining outside? Quite close to the campsite is Brigsted B&B, which offers accommodation in lovely rooms with fine facilities.

Check this page if you are looking for alternatives to primitive accommodation in the area.