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Brandbygegaard is a farm located in idyllic rural surroundings near Horsens Fjord. The charismatic owners run an organic farm, winery and brewhouse, and events such as pop-up restaurant and markets are regularly organized.

Rural idyll

This idyllic farm in the village Amstrup has its own organic production and sales of a variety of products. In addition to vineyard and apple orchard, the 28-hectare large lot also holds a vegetable garden and a greenhouse.

There is also a large animal husbandry with Scottish highland cattle, sheep, lamb, mouflons, goat, pigs, chicken and rabbits that all help create a cosy setting for the farm’s many activities.


Sales of local quality products

The farm produces many exciting products such as cider, sparkling wine, apple aquavit, port, red wine, grappa, vegetables, fruits, and berries. The production is small, handmade and homemade.

Every Friday from 4-6 pm there is a farm market in the old cowhouse with sales of wine, beer and spirits. Feel free to take a look around the web shop before visiting the farm market or buy your products online if you cannot visit the farm market.

Seven days a week you can visit the roadside food stall where you can buy seasonal produce, vegetables, herbs, fresh eggs and much more.


Events at the farm

Throughout the year, a series of cultural events are organized at Brandbygegaard. For these events, the farm's beverages are often sold alongside food made from ingredients grown on-site.

During the open events, visitors have the opportunity to take a walk in the vineyard, explore the kitchen garden, the numerous apple trees, and greet the farm animals. Special signs have been placed around the farm that you can follow, where you can read about life on the farm and all its inhabitants.

Learn about upcoming events on Brandbygegaard's Facebook page or inquire about the possibilities for a tour/lecture in the vineyard, kitchen garden, and greenhouse – with or without catering/wine tasting (only for larger groups).