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Boller Forest

This forest by the southern coast of Horsens Fjord is one of the most popular nature destinations in the Horsens area. Here you can frolic by the sea, take a walk in the beautiful, old manor forest and the impressive park by Boller Castle, that was once inhabited by the families of Rosenkrantz and Gyldenstierne - made famous by William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. The trip to Boller from Horsens is an experience by itself.

Nature, history, and idyllic peace by Horsens Fjord

It is not a coincidence that the locals of the area often go to Boller Forest when they want to experience the local natural surroundings. Here you find something for everyone - a beautiful park by an old castle, a forest suitable for hiking, and a newly build 100-meter-long wooden pier by the sea. 

The area is great for short excursions out in nature. Several marked routes and additional surrounding forests also make the area suited for longer hikes and bike trips.


Are you arriving by car, by foot or another option?

If you arrive by car there is a parking lot at Boller Slotsvej. The parking lot is situated by the edge of the forest a couple hundred meters from the castle park. Follow the road eastward to get to the castle or follow the footpath just opposite the parking lot through the forest towards the coast.

If you want to get to Boller using public transport, bus 104 between Horsens and Juelsminde stops relatively close by at Bollervej.

We do recommend, however, that you make the trip from Horsens to Boller by foot. From the train station, you can follow the red signs of the new hiking route The Fjordmino which extends around Horsens Fjord. Along the way, you will go through the public park Bakkelunden and along the three-kilometre-long Planet Path that takes you along the coastline and ends at the entrance to Boller Forest. If you wish to do a shorter hike, you can choose to start your walk at The Planet Path by the golden sculpture of the Sun at Høegh Guldbergsgade.


Hiking routes in Boller Forest

A newly marked hiking route takes you on a trip through the forest. The route is marked with yellow arrows and dots and functions as a secondary route to The Fjordmino. The route also takes you very near to the castle park and the pier.

If you want to do an even longer hike, another marked route leads you away from Boller Nederskov and through the beautiful forests of Klokkedal and Boller Overskov. This route is 7 kilometres long.

You can see and follow the routes via Destination Kystlandet’s digital map of The Fjordmino.