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The beaches on Tunø

Lovely sandy beaches on the car-free island

Tunø in the Kattegat Sea enjoys more hours of sunshine, less rainfall, and warmer weather than the mainland in Denmark. These special conditions create the basis for a unique wildlife and flora, but they are also advantageous for those who wish to bask in the sun by the water's edge and take a dip in the blue waves. Almost all around the island's 8-kilometer coastline, there are beaches. The coastline generally alternates between mixed sandy beaches and more rocky shores. Due to Tunø's isolated location and its many kilometers of sandy beaches, it's easy to find an undisturbed spot on the beach to enjoy some peace and quiet.


The harbour/campsite

Quite close to the island's ferry harbour, activities, and experiences lies the island's most visited beach. Just northeast of the harbor lies the fine sandy beach that stretches out towards the island's eastern tip, called 'Revet.' The beach is situated near the campsite Tunø Teltplads, so there will often be quite a few people on the beach – both overnight guests and day visitors enjoying the sun before catching the ferry home. From the beach, there's a short distance to the harbor's excellent facilities with public toilets, a playground, dining options, and cozy corners with tables/benches and grills.


The south side of the island

Immediately on the other side of the harbor lies a slightly narrower but less frequented beach. The beach on the island's south side is used, among others, by guests of the seaside hotel Mejeriet Tunø. There is a beach along the entire south side of Tunø, but a significant stretch is situated at the foot of the high cliffs of Sønderklint.

Towards the island's westernmost point, Stenkalven, there is a rocky beach, but please note that swimming is prohibited here due to strong currents.


The north beach

The eastern part of Tunø's northern coast is particularly suitable for swimming. The beach is broad and peaceful, offering plenty of space for sunbathing. There aren't many bathers in this area, but the water is shallow with good water quality. If you wish to access good facilities, you can aim for the natural camping site situated behind the beach. Here, there are toilet facilities, water, and tables/benches.


Experiences on Tunø

The car-free island of Tunø exudes a cozy island atmosphere. The island is charming, peaceful, and boasts exceptionally beautiful scenery. The island is not larger than an 8-kilometer hiking route around Tunø along the coast. There are delightful eateries, small island shops, and experiences.

It's possible to visit the island on a day trip, but we also recommend a holiday on the island, where you can truly unwind.

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