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A couple looking out from the church and lighthouse at Tunø Church in Destination Coastal Land

What to experience on Tunø

Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Forgot all about traffic noise, crowds and a high tempo. On the car-free island of Tunø in the middle of the Kattegat, you have the peace to breathe and discover the island’s unique atmosphere, tastes and beaches. We guide you to fantastic experiences on Tunø that you must not miss!

11 hits on Tunø


Denmark’s only combined church tower and lighthouse

Don’t miss the island’s most beautiful view from Tunø Church’s unique tower, which as the only one in Denmark is also a lighthouse. At the top, you can sense why some people compare it to Olafur Eliasson’s rainbow at Aros in Aarhus. Here you also get a spectacular view in many colours. In fact, in clear weather you can see all the way to the Great Belt Bridge.


Treasure hunt on Tunø - fun activity for the whole family

TGet a treasure map on the ferry and travel about 8.3 km around the island with it in hand. If you answer the questions correctly along the way, a treasure awaits at Tunø Købmandsgård, which is a beautiful specially made Tunø medal for all children and childish souls. A perfect way to get someone on the experience regardless of whether the temperature is 12 or 24 degrees, and it’s also free.


The world’s oldest offshore wind farm

From the west side of the island you have a view of a dozen 63-metre high wind turbines that make up Tunø Knob, the world’s oldest offshore wind farm. As they sit on the horizon, the turbines mark a great milestone for Danish wind energy when they were built by the wind turbine giant Vestas in 1995, and are not least a special sight for anyone with an interest in sustainable energy sources.

Milk table in front of Stenhuset on Tunø
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Recharge your batteries on a milk table

On your walk through the town you will notice several milk tables on the side of the road. The tables are a relic from the time when farm owners supplied fresh milk in cans. Here the milk cans were picked up in a horse-drawn carriage and taken to the island’s old dairy, which today houses the seaside hotel Mejeriet Tunø. Today, the tables are frequently used for a rest by passers-by on a hike, but as can be seen in the photo, one of the milk cans is still standing in front of Stenhuset - built in 1894. 


Get the ultimate island experience at a seaside hotel

If you really want to feel the very special atmosphere on your own body, then a stay at Mejeriet Tunø is recommended. The beautiful light rooms, the silence and the proximity to the beach, harbour and the island’s experiences are the perfect combination that ensures that you completely relax.  

The bird tower on Tunø - an island in the East Jutland Archipelago in Destination Coastal Land
Photo: Christian Kristensen

The bird tower on the Mountain

Tunø’s highest point offers a fantastic view of the town, countryside and wildlife. Feel free to bring a bird book from home - you will need it!

Obstacle course at the playground at Tunø Harbour
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

The obstacle course is also for adults

On the large playground by the harbour, children can take up the challenge and try their hand at the obstacle course. The course is also really good and challenging for adults, we should say. Nearby is another fun activity for both big and small - catching crabs.

Man and woman shopping for vegetables at Tunø Kartofler (Potatoes) on Tunø - part of Destination Coastal Land
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Buy fresh Tunø vegetables to take home

There has been an outdoor market garden on the island since the 1990s, and Tunø is, among other things, known for its unusually good leeks. During the summer, the island’s vegetable stalls offer new potatoes, crisp green asparagus, fresh carrots, peas, onions and much more. Whether it is due to the many hours of sunshine, the mild island climate or the high salt content in the seawater, we do not know for sure, but vegetables from Tunø just taste better. Remember cash, if you can’t pay with MobilePay.

The really high cliff by Sønderklint on Tunø
Photo: Melissa Villumsen

Tunø’s countryside

The beautiful and distinctive countryside on Tunø is something very special, and therefore, 90% of the island has been protected since 1965. If you want to experience Danish countryside at its best, Tunø is an excellent choice. Previously, the island was covered by oak forest, but today consists of a varied nature with everything from wildflowers, wilderness with, among others, wild honeysuckle and various types of trees such as fig and mulberry. In the steep cliffs to the south and northwest, clear moraine deposits can be seen after glaciers from the Ice Age, which helped shape the island’s hills.

A couple picking flowers at Frilandsblomster on Tunø - part of Destination Coastal Land
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Pick a bouquet of flowers

Visit Frilandsblomster’s pick-your-own flower fields, where you can pick a colourful bouquet. There are a multitude of different types of flowers in the field, and you choose which flowers you want

Par går langs vej på Tunø - en del af Destination Kystlandet
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

Events on Tunø

During the summer half-year you can attend a series of events on Tunø free of charge. You can hear live music, listen to talks or visit workshops and art exhibitionsHer kan du høre livemusik, tage til foredrag, workshop eller kustudstilling. You can see this year's events on this page.