Boy smiles as he holds three medals from the free scavenger hunts in the Coastal Land in Denmark

On the hunt for the many treasures of Kystlandet

Photo: Kristoffer Loft

Kystlandet has lots of hidden treasures, and you can now take the family on a real treasure hunt in the area’s towns and islands. Remember to print or pick up a treasure map and collect a medal for the little ones as visible proof of the accomplishment when you reach the finish line!

Calling all treasure hunters!

Are you one of the cool people who can walk around Tunø, Odder, Horsens, Brædstrup or Juelsminde? In Kystlandet we have exciting hidden treasures, and you can get your hands on them on our four treasure hunts. 

Solve exciting tasks along the way - together

Here you have to solve exciting tasks along the way: How many steps are there in the Bird Tower (Fugletårnet) on Tunø? Who is hiding near the river on Polititorvet in Odder? Who designed Horsens Museum? And how many plates are actually hidden on the Potter’s facade in Juelsminde?

It’s all something you’ll find the answers to on our four different treasure hunts.

And remember: When you reach the finish line, there is a custom-made medal for the smallest treasure hunters as visible proof of the accomplishment.

Read more about the four treasure hunts below, and we hope all the participants have a great trip

Look into the Treasure Hunt on Tunø

An epic cosy experience for the whole family!