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Efterår ved Den Genfundne Bro
Fængselsmuseet i Horsens

Experiences the Coastal Land

Photo:Aleksander Mogensen/Overblik&David Jervidal
Great discoveries and small adventures in

Welcome to the Coastal Land - a new holiday destination at the heart of Denmark.

The Coastal Land offers great discoveries and small adventures and, along the way, you'll discover the special lifestyle of the local areas. 

Here, the magical stream of the river Gudenå is most intense and romantic. Here, you'll find the most family-friendly beaches. Here, everyone takes pride in their local area and they like to share it.

Nedenskov Sø i Bakkelandet

Nature experiences

Rolling hills, deep valleys and forested coasts

Photo: Sarah Green
Træskohage Fyr ved Vejle Fjord


Discover the many attractions of The Coatal Land

Photo: Hotel Vejlefjord
Family visits the industrial museum

Family experiences

Activities and experiences for the whole family

Photo: Destination Kystlandet
Efterår ved Den Genfundne Bro

The Uncovered Bridge

A perfect combination of fascinating cultural history and unique nature experience

Photo: Aleksander Mogensen/Overblik
Two hikers skip stones at Horsens Fjord

Horsens Fjord

One of Denmark’s most beautiful fjords with a wonderful mix of nature and great experiences

Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Food experiences

Seaweed safari, gathering trips and tastings in the count's old forge.

Photo: Destination Kystlandet
Vandhalla i Hou

©Destination KystlandetPhoto:Kasper Rander, Communiko

Accessible experiences 

In the Coastal Land, you will find many experiences that are accessible for wheelchair users, people with limited mobility, and other physical disabilities.