People cycling on the roads close to Hou

Round trips by bicycle in the Coastal Land

Photo: Jens Hasse

The Coastal Land is ideal for cycling, and the choice of cycling routes is huge. But many of the signposted routes go from A-B. And then suddenly the trip will be twice as long when you go back again. We guide you to round trips where you come back to the starting point.

Take your car on bicycle trip

Most cyclists prefer to take the car out to the place where they would like to cycle for a ride and take a trip starting from the car park. It makes it possible to get far and wide and experience something new every time. There is a certain comfort in being able to jump directly into the car and get home quickly. And it should not be underestimated in a busy everyday life, where you also have to do this and that and 1000 other things.

Below you have our recommendations for very diverse cycling trips in the varied countryside of the Coastal Land. 


Our best suggestions

Cyclists on Alrø with a sign for the bicycle ferry in the foreground
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

Around Horsens Fjord (52 km.)

The cycle route around Horsens Fjord is a fantastically beautiful and varied ride. It can easily be covered in one day, but we recommend putting a day or two on top to make time for lots of detours, pit stops and unique experiences. 


6 beautiful round trips at Odder (16,9-42 km)

Six suggestions for trips around Odder town with different themes. Embark on the Fjord Tour, The Mound Tour, The Marsh Tour, The Village Tour, the Church and History Tour or the Nature Tour and experience the region’s varied and peaceful cycling terrain.

Two cyclists ride along a road with water in the background
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

Around the Juelsminde Peninsula (77 km)

Experience all the best that the Juelsminde Peninsula has to offer on this beautiful route. The route runs from Horsens Fjord along the coast to the lovely harbour town of Juelsminde, further along the beautiful wooded landscape at Vejle Fjord and back towards Horsens Fjord via the hill ridge Bjerrelide. The tour is Hedensted Municipality’s part of the East Jutland cycle route, The Culture Ring (Kulturringen). 


The Mountain Tour - Climb Denmark’s highest points (43 km)

In Bakkelandet near Brædstrup you will find several of the country’s highest hilltops. This tour takes you from Brædstrup to The Uncovered Bridge and on to Yding Skovhøj, Ejer Bavnehøj, Slaggård Banke and Vorbjerg Høje before ending up back at Bakkelandet’s capital, Brædstrup.  

Photo of Mos Lake seen from The Monastery Mill (Klostermølle)
Photo: Karen Heslinga

Around Lake Mossø (28 km)

The tour around Jutland’s largest lake offers beautiful, hilly countryside, cosy villages, stunning views and lots of great places to rest. The tour takes you past The Monastery Mill, The Sugar Loaf, Gl. Rye and Øm Monastery. Lovely rounf trip of some of Denmark’s most beautiful landscape.  


Round trip of Endelave (11.5 km)

The Rabbits’ Island in the Kattegat offers peaceful and conservation-worthy nature. Take your bicycle on the ferry or hire a bicycle on the island. There are several round trips of the island available. This route takes you from the town around the northern tip of the island through the upper nature area. 

Aerial photo og Tunø - car free island in Destination Kystlandet, Denmark
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

Child-friendly round trip on Tunø (8.8 km)

Tunø is a small island pearl in the Kattegat. And the island is also car-free. A large part of the island’s roads are asphalted, and with the absence of car traffic, cycling around the island is a peaceful and safe experience. On the trip you will feel the very special, idyllic and almost adorable island atmosphere that characterises the island. Combine it with the popular hike/treasure hunt around the island’s coast. 

View over the wildlife reserve from the hills in Stensballe
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

Around Nørrestrand (13 km)

The Nørrestrand Wildlife Reserve on the northern edge of Horsens is a larger lake and river delta that connects Hansted Å with Horsens Fjord. On the south side of the lake, you ride along forested gravel trails while riding on a cosy, hilly country road on the north side. In several places along the way there are fine vantage points, and you will also pass a larger area of wild horses on the north side of the lake. 

View of Vejle Fjord from a hill near Daugård Beach
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

Round trip of Daugård (15.4 km)

This tour takes you through some of Vejle Fjord’s beautiful scenery. From Daugård you will pass through the hilly landscape towards Daugård Beach and Rohden Ådal, where there is an impressive view of the fjord. Via Belle, you ride inland towards the village of Ørum along a beautiful, natural country road along Ørum Å.  

Forest trail in Rohden Sønderskov
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

Forests at Vejle Fjord (8.6 km)

The coastline down towards Vejle Fjord is characterised by forests that lie like pearls on a string - with steep slopes down towards the sea in several places. This shorter tour takes you along Rohden Ådal, through Rohden Sønderskov, Ullerup Forest and Grund Forest. Along the way you will pass Rohden Manor and quite close to Hotel Vejlefjord. Combine it with a meal at the hotel and a walk in the beautiful park. 

Coastal greens at Juelsminde Golf Club - part of Destination Coastal Land
Photo: Juelsminde Golf Glub

Round trip at Juelsminde (13.9 km)

Explore the holiday and harbour town of Juelsminde as you pedal on this route, which takes you through the town centre, past Juelsminde Miniature Golf to the west to Klakring and Vesterby, and through the grounds of Juelsminde Golf Club. The last stretch back to the town goes along the coast at Sandbjerg Vig. After the tour, enjoy a meal or a cold refreshment at the harbour before heading home.