Cyklister på Den Genfundne Bro

Cycling routes

Photo: Sarah Green

We highly recommend exploring Kystlandet from the seat of your bike. The area has routes for all levels and ages, beautiful landscapes, hilly woodlands and rolling fields. Several routes are signposted and take you past local attractions. Get your bike and stomp the pedals

When in doubt, pedal it out

Find cycling routes through Kystlandet and explore new roads and sights.

Cyclists on Alrø with a sign for the bicycle ferry in the foreground
Photo: Destination Kystlandet

Around the inlet Horsens Fjord (52 km.)

Horsens Fjord is one of the most beautiful inlets in Denmark, surrounded by spectacular and diverse nature – and it is perfect to explore on bike. You can easily make the trip in one day, but we recommend you plan for more, in order to truly experience the landscape, the nature and the communities you pass underway.


The old Railway – history on flat terrain (62 km.)

The nature trail along the old Bryrup railway takes you through the beautiful hilly countryside, over the Uncovered Bridge, past old boxcars, stations, a functioning part of the vintage-railway and last, to the grand lakes and deep forests in Søhøjlandet near Silkeborg. In 1968, the last train rode the railway. Since then, it has been a public nature trail. You rarely enter conventional roads, and mostly follow a flat and paved path.


Culture by Bike (Kulturringen) through the Coastal Land

Do you prefer longer tours through beautiful landscape, with the possibility to ride along the coast and go island-hopping? Then journey out on the path Kulturringen – Culture by Bike. In total, its 540 km route takes you through Eastern Jutland’s beautiful nature. The route is comprised of individual stages, for you to choose and pick between.

Ældre par på cykeltur kigger på skilt ved Gudenåens udspring
Photo: Hærvejen Region Syddanmark

Bike along the river Gudenåen (44 km.)

Follow this signposted route in the Middle- and Eastern part of Jutland and enjoy the beautiful landscape around Denmark's only river, Gudenåen. Here you can bike side by side with canooers along sailing up the river Gudenåen from the thicket Tinnet Krat in the South to the hilly forrests in the North.


The Eastern coastline through the Coastal Land (129 km)

The Danish National Cycle Route no. 5 follows the Eastern coastline of Jutland and takes you through the Coastal Land. Follow the sign posts from Vejle Fjord in the Southern part, through Horsens Fjord and up to the Norsminde Fjord in the Northern part of the Coastal Land.


Round trips around the Costal Land

Sometimes it is nice to take a round trip, where you end up right back where you started, instead of biking the same route both ways. That is why we have gathered the best round trips in the Coastal Land by bike - from the short stages under 10 kilometres to longer routes of 50-70 kilometres.

Familie på cykeltur på banestien
Photo: Lasse Torp

Routes around Odder

Check out the rurual terrains around the Odder area with these round trips betweeen 16 and 42 kilometres long.

Did you know that on average, Danes bike 1,6 km daily? That makes the Danes one of the most bike-riding populations in Europe, only surpassed by the Dutch, which averagely rides 2,5 km daily.