Destination Kystlandet

Historic guided tours in RIB boat

Take a guided tour in a RIB boat and feel the speed and waves and enjoy captivating historical tales in a natural setting.

Would you like to sense the presence of history and hear about exciting local history from the water side? On these historical tours, you can experience the very captivating historian - Casper Clemmensen - who talks about exciting local history from the coasts and the sea.

Casper is a specialist in the ferocious Viking tales and also knows many tales from World War II, but his knowledge is wide-ranging.

A RIB boat takes you quickly across the sea. But do not worry. The boat always takes you on the tour at a speed that is comfortable for everyone and that makes everyone feel safe.

Departures from Horsens Harbour.



DKK 290 per person for a 45-minute tour

The boat accommodates 12 persons + the RIB boat crew


Take a trip in a RIB boat

If you have never tried sailing on a RIB boat before, you can look forward to get that excited feeling in your stomach. The RIB is one of the fastest boats on the sea. Feel the wind in your hair and water spray on your cheeks as you fly across the waves at a top speed of up to 110 km/h.

The DIB boat is a large rubber boat whose flat bottom allows it to glide across the water and get close to the marine wildlife such as seals and porpoises. The two RIB boat motors are mounted at the rear and each has 300 hp.

So, you can look forward to a different guided tour with lots of speed and excitement, spray, and close proximity to nature and captivating stories.

The Mai-Event organises the trip.