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On a trip with wild horses and marshland

Photo: Gitte Vinum

You will find another world a stone’s throw from Horsens town centre - the large protected areas Nørrestrand and Nørrestrand and The Four Meadows. People have lived here for thousands of years, which sense as you walk among wild horses and grazing highland cattle in the prehistoric land.



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Nordre Strandvej

8700 Horsens


Longitude: 9.844367

Latitude: 55.880074

Wild horses and marshland

Park the car where Nordre Strandvej meets Højbovej on the north side of Nørrestrand and take the paths in the enclosure. Here, wild horses and Scottish highland cattle roam freely on a larger natural area. You are allowed to move freely in the area, but do not get too close to the horses for safety reasons. From here you have an excellent view of Nørrestrand and the north side of Horsens town.

You can explore the whole area you are looking at on foot. Drive a few hundred metres back on Nordre Strandvej until you reach the car park on your left side. From here there is another lovely view over Nørrestrand and an info sign where you can orient yourself on the routes on the south side. If you follow the signposted route into nature, after passing a residential and allotment garden area, you will come to a place where it spreads along an upper and a lower path that forms a loop, so you get back to your starting point. Start along the left (lower) path and remember to turn right when you reach a steep, narrow hill at the other end of the trip. The whole route is about 6 km.   

Photo:Destination Kystlandet

Hiking in the marshland

Now take the short trip across the road to the nearby hotel Scandic Opus Horsens and park the car. Just north of Opus, where Egebjergvej crosses Store Hansted Å, a small path runs towards the west. Follow the path along the stream through the marsh area of Horsens Meadows. Continue to follow the stream through Løvhøj Forest to Skanderborgvej. Across the road you can continue to follow the stream through Bygholm Meadows.

This area, called The Four Meadows, is a larger natural area with a distinctive landscape. Here there are several bird towers and lots of raised paths through the marsh landscape. In several places, long bridges ensure that your feet stay dry through the wetland. It is an exciting but for many unknown nature excursion destination with a rich wildlife. Out in the meadows you will find several great places to take a rest and enjoy the food or drink you brought with you.

Drive through the nerve in Bakkelandet

The routes are not signposted, but you can follow them via VisitHorsens’ digital map. Just outside Lund you will come to the Horsens-Silkeborg Nature Trail. Follow the old railway path back towards Horsens through Horsens Golf Club's beautiful golf courses.

Finish the day with an exquisite meal at Scandic Opus Horsens' restaurant, before heading home.