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Historic trip along the south side of Horsens Fjord

Photo: Melissa Villumsen

If you love nature experiences, then go on a 26 km round trip at Boller and Bjerrelide on the south coast of Horsens Fjord. Here you will find a large natural and forest area waiting to be explored, and a lot of historical sights. The trip is perfect for both cycling and mountain biking.


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Høegh Guldbergs Gade 33

8700 Horsens


Longitude: 9.847172

Latitude: 55.850447

Start at the sun

The Planet Path, runs between Horsens and Boller follows the coast all the way from the inner harbour in Horsens. On the 3 km long route, you start at a large sculpture of the sun, and along the way can follow the planet stones that stand at relative distance from it. The path is suitable for cyclists, and along the way you will meet both nature-grooming cattle, rolling cornfields, small bridges over streams and a fantastic view to the north side of Horsens Fjord and Stensballe Bjerge.

If you arrive by car, you can park at the recreational area Bakkelunden, which has the address Bjerrevej 20. From here, follow the signposts with the “Horsens Fjord Trail” to get to Høegh Guldbergs Gade, where the Planet Path starts.

Boller Forest

Before long, you will come to an idyllic fish house, right down to an old stone breakwater. This is where the Planet Path ends. Now you can choose to visit the beautiful Boller Castle and the adjoining Castle Park, where there is a covered picnic house, perfect for a coffee break. You can also continue along the coast into the southern part of Boller Forest. Here beech trees grow right down to the water’s edge – a beautiful sight you can enjoy as you walk along the path along the edge of the forest down to the fjord.

Boller Overskov

To the southwest of Boller Forest is Boller Overskov, located in a area near the district of Højvangen. The wood is small but well visited by the locals in the area, partly because of the 2.9-hectare enclosed dog forest


Photo: Destination Coastal Land
Photo: Melissa Villumsen

A trip in Bjerre Forest

From Boller Forest you take Bollervej in an easterly direction until you reach Thyrasmindevej on the right. Go up here and walk up the hills - we promise it’s worth it when you enter the deep and fairytale Bjerre Forest, known for its amazing MTB trail. If you have not brought your all-terrain bike, another nature experience awaits. A 2-kilometre hiking route through the natural forest runs from the car park at Bjerre Skovvej and follows the brook to Elverdam Then you walk along the dams, where you have good views of the natural forest, past self-rejuvenating beech stands, and on the way north again past a small piece of forest that has stood untouched for many years

Bjerre Mill and Prison

At the end of Bjerre Skovvej is Neder Bjerrevej. Continue on this to Bjerre town, where you can visit the beautiful brick-clad Bjerre Mill, which is always open to visitors. Bjerre Mill is an octagonal Dutch windmill, and is the only preserved brick-clad mill in Denmark. Also stop by the raw and authentic Bjerre Prison – a prison and courthouse from 1846. The last prisoners left the prison in 1956, after which Danish Armed Forces had the building until 1980-81.  

Photo: Destination Coastal Land
Photo: Destination Prison

Horsens’ top Purhøj 

From Bjerre you head for the Purhøj viewpoint, which is 120 metres above sea level and from where you can look out over the entire town, fjord and surrounding areas. Follow Dalvej in Bjerre to Purhøjvej. When you get to a small car park at the top of the hill, go in through the gravel path and up to the mound.

After Purhøj you can head back towards Horsens through Klokkedal Forestlocated between Boller Nederskov and Boller Overskov. Take a walk along the forest road that leads through the meltwater valley from the last Ice Age. The forest stretches all the way from Bjerrelide to Horsens Fjord and offers many nature experiences. Along the way, the brook ripples and runs down to Boller Watermill.

The whole trip, from the start of the Planet Path and back again, is about 26 km, but in varying terrain, so we recommend allowing 3-4 hours

Do you have time for one last detour

Photo:Gitte Vinum

Rold Forest

Between Sejet and Boller Forest is Rold Forest. A small but very cosy and idyllic forest. In the middle of the forest is a forest lake where carp swim between water lilies throughout the summer. The forest has several brooks and ditches and a watercourse diversion has been made so that trout can pass by the lake.