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Go for a ride on a mountain bike

Photo: Simon Winther

The villages of Hansted, Egebjerg and Gedved north of Horsens are best known for their considerable population growth and excellent location in relation to the motorway. However, the villages also hide a secret in the form of a genuine natural gem.

Mountain bike

Hop on a mountain bike in Horsens and step on the pedals to Egebjerg through the paths in Egebjerg Meadow. Immediately east of Egebjerg is the old Hansted Forest with steep hills, deep gorges and the rushing Hansted River that runs through the area. It is idyllic and beautiful by the lake - perfect for a lunch break in beautiful surroundings! Several different routes go from here. We recommend the route through the forest or along the winding Hansted River towards the town of Hansted.



Visit Gedved Bike Park - A mecca for cycling enthusiasts

Cycle on to Gedved, where you will find Gedved Bike Park, the area’s new mecca for cycling enthusiasts. Go for a ride on the mountain bike trail through the forest, or try your hand at the fun pump trail. The bike park is entertaining for young and old, and it offers challenges for both beginners and experienced

Quite close to the bike park is Tolstrup Organic Apples farm shop, where you can quench your thirst with some delicious homemade apple juice

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