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A couple enjoying themselves at the harbour in Denmark's cosiest harbour town, Juelsminde - part of Destination Coastal Land

Maritime holiday atmosphere in Juelsminde

Photo: Destination Coastal Land

On average, the sun shines more on the East Coast than inland. You can easily have a cloudy day in Horsens and Vejle while the sun shines in Juelsminde. Spend a day in the perfect summer town!

Right-down-to-your-toes-peaceful harbour charm

With a lovely harbour environment, a top-notch beach, beautiful scenery and cosy little shops, Juelsminde has everything your and your family’s holiday heart can desire. The town exudes classic Danish harbour charm – in that energetic and at the same time right-down-to-your-toes-peaceful way. Expect to talk to a local sailor within five minutes and then be tempted by a fresh fish dish. Huge bonus: In addition to the harbour is Storstranden, one of Denmark’s most child-friendly beaches.

Town walk a la Juelsminde

In addition to the harbour environment, Juelsminde is also a pleasant town to walk around in. Walk from Gammel Havn through the town’ street Odelsgade and visit the cosy little shops with something for everyone. From there, walk down Juelsgade, buy your new favourite mug from the potter and peek into her lush town garden, where it’s so charming it’s almost unbearable. Turn right onto Jernbanegade, walk past Svanedammen and continue along E. Schous Allé back to the shopping street. Take a walk on the promenade along the water and via the marina back to the town’s harbour life.

Food with a sea view

There is no danger of running out of edible offers at the harbour of Juelsminde. Soak up the maritime holiday atmosphere and for a moment you feel like you are in the southern European coastal towns, but without the intrusive waiters. Classic Danish, fish delicacies, coffee, waffles and ice cream. Really big and delicious ice cream at Havnens Café & Isbar. Or enjoy a delicious 5-course menu on the terrace of Restaurant Færgegården. And everything is served by people who dearly love the summer in Juelsminde and the many guests who come again and again.

Bonus: There is free parking in Juelsminde. For example, leave the car in the car park at Rousthøjs Allé/Odelsgade or on the street called Havnen.

Juelsminde harbour and marina viewed from the sky

Get to know Juelsminde even better

Photo: Destination Coastal Land