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Drone photo of Uldum marsh

Travel to the End of the World at Uldum Marsh

Photo: Hedensted Municipality

There is a large bog and marsh area in Uldum Marsh by the Gudenå river, which is fantastic to explore for both young and old. Also visit Uldum Mill, where marsh bodies, millstones and oatmeal go hand in hand.

Photo: Uldum Mill
Photo: Uldum Mill

Welcome to The End of the World

In Uldum Marsh lies a large bog and marsh area by the Gudenå river. The nature is unique - so unique that there is a place in the marsh named “The End of the World”. Furthermore, the area hides an exciting cultural history that you can eavesdrop to here

Start the day at Uldum Mill Museum,

where it is perfect to park the car. Inside the beautiful Dutch mill you can see the cultural history exhibition over the nearby marshland that is traversed by the Gudenå river. Part of the exhibition tells about a bog body from the Iron Age about 100 years BC, which was found in Uldum Marsh in 1877 and was named the Uldum girl.

Also visit the Mill Shop and take home the mill’s organic flour and oats, or buy some of the other local specialties in the shop

Explore Uldum Marsh

Now the trip goes to the marsh! Leave the car at Uldum Mill, lace up your shoes and walk along Kærvejen, or drive off the same way out to the marsh’s little car park. However, be aware that the dirt roads out in the marsh area may well be a little worse for wear from the wind, weather and water.

Peat digging during World War I and II has created rich opportunities for plant, fish and bird life. There are several bird towers in the area. The Gudenå river flows across the marsh and contains animal and plant species, which are rare and endangered. In Uldum Marsh there is, for example, Pinocchio frogs, large water salamander, certain bat species and rare and protected plant species – including Western Marsh Orchid and globeflower. At the central car park at the end of Kærvejen you will find a bird tower, toilets, shelter and fire pit.

Take a few photos of the many animal and plant species on the info boards at the bird tower and see how many you can spot out in the marsh!

Refuel at Café Gudar

Take the trip around the marsh along the path that goes towards the village of Tørring. Here is Tørring Camping, which has its own place to eat, Café Gudar. Breakfast, brunch, salads, sandwiches, burgers, sandwiches, ice cream, coffee, water and snacks are available here, so there should be something for the whole family. On days when the weather allows, it is possible to have a delicious barbecue buffet.

If you are in a hurry to get back into nature, most dishes are available as Take-Away.

After the break, the trip back can be taken along the same nature route as you came, or go along, the country tracks from Tørring to Uldum.

The route between Uldum-Tørring is 11 km. Alternatively, you can take public transport back to Uldum.

Continue the journey by canoe and take the Modstrøms bus back

Instead of strolling back towards Uldum in the beautiful countryside, you can choose to spend the rest of the day on a boat trip on Denmark’s only river.

A canoe trip on the Gudenå river is a true Back to Basics experience where you can see nature from the outside and share the experience with your loved ones. Use the many places to stay along the Gudenå and enjoy the sunset, a campfire and staying overnight looking up at the stars. Get inspired for your planning on this page.

Start at Tørring Canoe Hire & Canoeing and paddle on the protected stretch of the Gudenå river all the way to the Monastery Mill. Throughout July you can take the Modstrøms bus for free back to Tørring once a day.

With a little planning, the whole family can explore the marsh in the morning, sail along the Gudenå river in the afternoon, and be back at the car in Uldum in the evening. But then peace and quiet is also guaranteed in the back seat home

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