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AQUA Forum swimming pool

Family trip on a rainy day

Photo: AQUA Forum

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee sun from a cloudless sky for your entire holiday. Fortunately, we have the recipe for a rainy day that makes children smile from ear to ear, and peace in the car home.

The swimming pool - the classic that never fails

Even the biggest rainstorm should not stand in the way of a swim - in AQUA Forum,hours of play await. As soon as you step inside, the smell of chlorine and the excited squeals from the water slide make your whole body tingle, and it can’t go fast enough to get into your swimwear.

There are four pools in the swimming pool, one of which has the name Morskabsbassinet (The Fun Pool), so we dare to promise that there is water fun ahead. In addition to a 56-metre-long water slide, you will find whirlpools, massage jets, counter-current channels and waterfalls in the Fun Pool. If it’s too much of a good thing, you can also swim some lanes in the exercise pool or practice your diving from the 1 and 3 metre boards or the 5-metre board for the daredevils.

If you have very young children with you, there is of course, also a 34oC baby pool where you can enjoy the water together. There is also a changing room where you and your baby can withdraw to when you have had enough sensory impressions. Here there is a baby bath, changing tables and a microwave.

If your children are a little older, you can also relax together in the hot tub and warm up in the sauna, steam bath or tylarium. After all this you would have forgotten all about the beaches of Southern Europe

The library - more than just books

After a morning at a high pace, the quiet setting behind the red doors at Horsens Library is just what you need. you will find not only picture books, comics and youth books on the floor for children and young people, but also table football, PlayStation and a play area. Also, check in advance if there happens to be a free event on the programme that you would like to attend.

Sit down on one of the “stairs”, in a beanbag chair or in the sofa corner, and immerse yourself together in the many stories that fall from the shelves. Or let the children disappear into a FIFA game while you enjoy reading material from the floor below. There is also a special section with computers intended for gaming. In the play area, a real reading horse adorns the wall and with 3 playhouses and balancing equipment that you can use to make an obstacle course - of course taking into account the other guests - there is also something for kindergarten children who can’t sit still.

If you need an afternoon snack before returning home, you can eat it in Skovbrynet on the same floor. For example, if you are in a holiday cottage nearby, you can consider flipping through the DVDs and borrowing one to take home for the evening entertainment.