Kvinde vandre ved Øvre på en sti på øen Endelave

Day trip to Endelave

Photo: Sarah Green

Discover wild rabbits, wild hiking routes and the wildest tranquillity in just one day

Once you have been touched by the soul of Endelave, it stays in you forever. At least that’s what is said. And we can actually recognise that. It is certainly a fact that few people only visit the rabbit island of Endelave once. They almost always come back for more.

But start with a day trip and breathe in the fresh air combined with activity, true island cosiness and the wildest tranquillity you can imagine.

Here you have our recommendation for a day on the beautiful island 

Start with a day trip, and come back for more

Endelave is a bit of an unknown gem in the Kattegat. The island is characterised by lots of unspoilt, protected nature – and then there are the wild rabbits that live here in the thousands. Very easy to get to and from, just 20 km from the coast south of Horsens Fjord, with daily ferry departures and a crossing time of just one hour. So, of course, you start your day trip by jumping on the Endelave ferry in Snaptun.

Find the exact departure times with the Endelave ferry and book your ticket here.

The Kanino is the island’s cheerful answer to the world’s oldest pilgrimage route, the Camino. The route is signposted and takes you 21 kilometres around the island.

Wild Rabbit on Endelave

Photo:Destination Kystlandet

If you like to hike, Endelave has perfect routes with varying difficulty levels. The longest is the Kanino, which of course, is the island’s cheerful answer to the world’s oldest pilgrimage route, the Camino. The route is signposted and takes you 21 kilometres around the island.

Would you rather ride a bike? Perfect! You can almost cycle around the entire island on a reasonable surface and encounter views, nature, town and rabbits. Endelave Grill and Café hire bicycles at the harbour.

But in fact, dawn and sunset are the best times to spot rabbits, which is why this mission lends itself better to an island trip and stay overnight. The day trip, on the other hand, offers both horses and seaweed!

First stop: Guided tour by horse

Take the car or bicycle to Turridning Endelave and get a guided island tour on tranquil Icelandic horses. It is necessary to book in advance. You decide how long the tour should be, and the hosts are very adept at helping you have the perfect experience

Second stop: Seaweed, seaweed and more seaweed

Then the trip goes to The Seaweed Farm (Tanggården), which serves seaweed in the restaurant and sells all kinds of seaweed in the shop. In the delicious way, you know. Seaweed pesto, seaweed beer, seaweed mustard, seaweed rum - you name it! For a complete dive into the wondrous world of seaweed, the Seaweed Farm can be booked for a real seaweed safari, where you learn to harvest seaweed and take your own seaweed home to use.

They also regularly arrange open group tours - find a seaweed safari that suits you here.

You are guaranteed to spot rabbits on a walk through Endelave Town at dawn or sunset.

Remember, you must go home again...

The last ferry leaves from Endelave in the late afternoon - the time depends on day and season, find departure times right here. But we might as well say right away: One day won’t be enough to do and see everything. Read more about Endelave here and plan your trip with an overnight stay: The complete guide to the island of Endelave.