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On an adventure in Sondrup’s deep forests and high hills

Photo: Melissa Villumsen

Sondrup Hills offers a fantastic view and signposted hiking routes, which we would definitely recommend.

Visit the beautiful, deep forest at Sondrup

The drive out to Sondrup is in itself unique. We can also highly recommend it as a bicycle ride, but remember your swimwear and towel so the effort can be duly rewarded with a refreshing dip.

Local artist Phuc Van Dang has decorated stones out there with his beautiful works of art - try to see if you can find them all. While in Sondrup, a trip down to the water can also be an obvious option. You can take the most beautiful photos and there is ample opportunity to catch crabs from the jetty. Just remember a bucket and crab line. Some use smoked saddle of pork, but mussels are also ideal if you can find some in the water.

Also feel free to pack a picnic basket and enjoy the view from Udsigtshøjene in Trustrup, which is located nearby.

Photo: Jakob Hansen
Photo: Sondrup B&B

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