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Trip suggestions in the countryside

Photo: Sarah Green

In the Coastal Land you will find stacks of wow, noooo and ahhh nature experiences. Here you get suggestions for great day trips where you get up close.

Do you want to go out in the countryside?

Breathtaking vantage points, the most beautiful stretch of the Gudenå river, idyllic forest edges with fjord views, historical trails and not least 266 kilometres of coastline, which is made for great and small experiences. Find suggestions for great day trips in the countryside of the Coastal Land


Day trip to Endelave, the Island of the Year

There are many good reasons why our lovely rabbit island has been named island of the year in Denmark in 2021. You’re going to love Endelave.


Invigorating trip with a fjord, pines and treatment paths

This trip takes you past picturesque landscapes along the refreshing treatment paths at beautiful Vejle Fjord and Træskohage Lighthouse. When you breathe the fresh fjord air, you feel exactly why the area is - and has been - a favourite spa area with a focus on the body and mind

Stenhøj Strand
Photo: Chaline Engelhardt

Beach trips all year round

All weather is good beach weather! On the beaches of the Coastal Land along the Odder coast, on the Juelsminde peninsula or around Horsens, you can walk here all year round, enjoy a picnic, collect beach shells and stones, take a winter swim or just enjoy nature.


On a trip with wild horses and marshland

You will find another world a stone’s throw from Horsens town centre - the large protected areas Nørrestrand and Nørrestrand and The Four Meadows. People have lived here for thousands of years, which sense as you walk among wild horses and grazing highland cattle in the prehistoric land.



On an adventure in Sondrup’s deep forests and high hills

Sondrup Hills offers a fantastic view and signposted hiking routes, which we would definitely recommend.

Drone photo of Uldum marsh
Photo: Hedensted Municipality

Travel to the End of the World at Uldum Marsh

There is a large bog and marsh area in Uldum Marsh by the Gudenå river, which is fantastic to explore for both young and old. Also visit Uldum Mill, where marsh bodies, millstones and oatmeal go hand in hand.

Photo: Jesper Rais

A day at the coast

Take an excursion and explore the local coast on the north side of Horsens Fjord.


Historic trip along the south side of Horsens Fjord

If you love nature experiences, then go on a 26 km round trip at Boller and Bjerrelide on the south coast of Horsens Fjord. Here you will find a large natural and forest area waiting to be explored, and a lot of historical sights. The trip is perfect for both cycling and mountain biking.

Family standing on the top of The Sugar Loaf
Photo: Destination Coastal Land

The Sugar Loaf - a view that is hard to match

The Sugar Loaf is not one of the best-known vantage points – nor is it among the highest – but the view is hard to match. It is the perfect place to pour a hot cup of coffee or open a good bottle of wine

The Tunø Treasure Hunt
Photo: VisitOdder

The Tunø Treasure Hunt

Tunø, the island without cars, is a natural haven that everyone should experience. For this reason, the people of Tunø have teamed up with VisitOdder to create a fun activity for the whole family.



Cycle around Horsens Fjord and explore its small islands

Are you up for island hopping in Horsens Fjord? Start the cycle trip in Horsens and cycle north around the fjord out to Alrø and across Hjarnø. Along the way, you will even get out sailing on the charming little bicycle ferry.


Day trip on the Snaptun-Juelsminde Coastal Path

Prepare for a gorgeous and delightfully varied walking route between the 2 atmospheric harbour towns of Snaptun and Juelsminde - just off the coast! You pass through deep forests, wide sandy beaches, idyllic villages and beautiful manor parks before reaching the incredibly cosy Juelsminde.


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