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Aerial view of Husodde at Horsens Fjord with Husodde beach and Horsens City Camping

Trip to the local beach at Husodde

Photo: Horsens City Camping

When the sun is high in the sky, the beach is calling. At Husodde Beach on Horsens Fjord there are both excellent swimming conditions and the opportunity to play mini golf or hire a sea kayak.

It’s easy to get to Husodde Beach

Husodde Beach is just 5 km from Horsens town centre and is the obvious refuge when you need a break from the buzzing town. Whether you come from Horsens town centre or from the E45 motorway, you drive across the Sound, where you will get a taste of the refreshing fjord you will soon be dipping in. You can park at the car park at Horsens City Camping, but the beach’s close location to the town also makes it ideal to cycle here.

Swimming in the fjord and a duvet of sand

When you’re there, the blue fjord is like a magnet, and it’s guaranteed it won’t take many seconds before you’ve removed the packaging and are ready to taste the goods. If you are the impatient type who thinks it takes far too long to walk through the water to a suitable swimming depth, there is of course a jetty that you can jump in from. The jetty is also suitable for crabbing – if you haven’ brought equipment from home, you can buy a fishing rod at the campsite kiosk.

With its duvet of white sand, Husodde Beach is an inexhaustible source of sunbathing and sandcastles. There is also a nice grassy area where it is possible to lie or play if you prefer a firmer surface. There are also swings for the smallest beachgoers as well as picnic benches. Of course, there is also a public toilet by the beach.

Afternoon of mini golf or sea kayaking

Unless you have brought along your big cool box, a packed lunch that’s been baking in the sun together, isn’t at the top of the menu. Fortunately, you can stick your head in at the shop at Horsens City Camping, where you can buy a panini and sausage rolls. Horsens City Camping also offers mini golf or you can hire a sea kayak.

Mini golf course has 12 holes and is designed with a medieval theme with the ruins of a knight’s castle. You are welcome on the mini golf course, even if you are not a camper on the site. Just go to the shop to hire clubs, balls and scorecard. You can get an old-fashioned ice cream or soft ice at a special price.

If you are an adult couple or friends who would like to continue the afternoon on the water, you can hire a sea kayak including a paddle and life jacket for two hours (or more). Paddle, for example, the 7.5 km along the coast to Brigsted west of Vorsø, and back again. If you are lucky, both seals and porpoises greet you along the way.